I dreamt about Slender Man today

I dreamt about Slender Man today

Ok, I was taking a nap because i was so tired from school today.

Chapter 1

I don't wanna hug you!!!

He freakin appeared in my living room, and wants to give me a hug. "Oh, I'm not falling for that!" Then I ran into my mom's closest, it was pitch black in there. "Yes! I'm safe!" Moments later...
A hand touched my shoulder... Uh-oh..
I ran out of the closet and into my bed, covering myself with a blanket.
Since I'm so skinny, he'll think there's nothing in my bed. Ha-ha, I'm clever!
Huh? I pulled the blanket away, a even skinner person is lying beside me. "GAH!!" I ran into the bathroom, and locked the door. When I turned around, he's standing there. "Oh, come on!" I slammed my head on the door, well I guess because the door was locked. Then I got it opened, and ran to my laundry room. Same thing happened. So I keep running around house, but the same thing happened.... Stupid me, he freakin teleports! I slapped my forehead.
Then I saw my friend on the couch laughing at me, "Omg, you failed, epic fail!"
"What else am I suppose to do?"
"Give him a hug, duh"
"B-But then he'll devour me!"
I just want a hug......
"GAH!!" He was standing behind me.
My friend was laughing uncontrollably at me, "Look at that pose your making!"
When I get startled, I do this Anime pose, like both my hands are in the air, and sometimes my foot too.
My friend grabbed me, "Just give him a hug, you grumpy girl!"
Crap, I'm so close to that guy.
He stretched his long creepy arms to me.
Crap, crap, crap, crap....
"Maggie!!" My dad shook me up, "eat yo dinner! Its already 7:00!"
Thank you so much for waking me... Although for some reason, I kinda feel sad that I didn't hug him, he's probably having a bad day.
Then I feel my body all sweaty. Its either I'm wearing winter clothes, or I got scared. Anyways, I'm going to take a shower, I literally in my head said, don't appear in the shower, don't appear in the shower, or I'll smack him for being a pervert.

Anyways,........... Odd dream, right?


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