The Honesty Repost

Chapter 1

Are you brave enough?

Answer all these questions HONESTLY

1. What is your full name?

It really isn't important, though I go by The Anarchist, and Archo.

2. How old are you?

I've lived too many lives to say for sure anymore...

3. What are your favorite band(s)?

Top Ten:
1. Bob Dylan
2. Clutch
3. The Clash
4. Green Day
5. Rage Against the Machine
6. Mumford and Sons
7. Cage the Elephant
8. Florance and the Machine
9. The Grateful Dead
10. Nirvana

4. Who are your best friends?

Jellie, Whisper, Eloise, Stanley, Satan, Odin, Eric Draven

5. Who are your enemies?

Those who promote Capitalism, Creationism in schools, and those ignorant pigs who make a mockery of the Arts.

6. What is your favorite school subject?

Art, Literature, Sciences

7. Who is your favorite teacher?

Wikipedia, hahahahahaha

8. What is your se/x/ual orientation?


9. What is your favorite movie?

Naming one I can't enjoy is harder

10. Name 10 things you love:

1. Art
2. Travel
3. Learning
4. Reading
5. Writing
6. Creating
7. Conversing
8. Nature
9. People Observing
10. Stargazing

11. Name 5 things you suck at:

1. Behaving myself
2. Accepting other people's stupidity
3. Being a part of such an ignorant culture
4. Talking about most fandoms
5. Keeping my opinions secret

11. Name 5 things you are good at:

1. Explaining why I think the way I do
2. Pointing out the flaws of a situation
3. Having strange and intense relationships
4. Writing
5. Making acquaintances instead of friends

12. Name 2 people you miss:

Well, on here it's Whisp but I can contact him otherwise, and Mandee

~on a scale of 1-10~
13. Name what you rank yourself in outer beauty?

14. Name what you rank yourself in inner beauty (being nice and sweet)


15. Name what you rank yourself in intelligence:


16. Name what you rank yourself in popularity:


17. What 'groups' do you hang in?

Anarchists, rebels, punks, artists, stoners, rockers

18. LAST QUESTION: What do you rank your life?



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