Honesty Repost

Chapter 1

gon on read it why dont ya

Answer all these questions HONESTLY

1. What is your full name?
Ben :P just...Ben. I hate mah last name

2. How old are you?

3. What are your favorite band(s)?

Top Ten:
1. Three Days Grace
2. Papa Roach
3. Linkin Park
4. My Chemical Romance
5. Shinedown
6. Maroon5

4. Who are your best friends?
Ticci toby :D
5. Who are your enemies?
everyone else...

6. What is your favorite school subject?

Music, English, Science

7. Who is your favourite teacher?

My Social Studies teacher

8. What is your se/x/ual orientation?


9. What is your favorite movie?
dont have one
10. Name 10 things you love:

1. Making Videos
2. CreepyPasta
3. Youtubers
4. reading
5. writing
6. singing
7. being alone
8. food
9. cats
10. drugs! (JK JK JK XD) i know its not something to joke about but BEN (the CreepyPasta) LOVES drugs

11. Name 5 things you suck at:

1. Making conversations
2. talking to people i dont know
3. reading aloud
4. being honest (lol)
5. and pretty much everything else

11. Name 5 things you are good at:

1. Writing
2. playing music
3. singing
4. makin videos
5. being strange/weird/awkward

12. Name 2 people you miss:
My two best friends

~on a scale of 1-10~
13. Name what you rank yourself in outer beauty?

14. Name what you rank yourself in inner beauty (being nice and sweet)

8 (cant help but try right?)

15. Name what you rank yourself in intelligence:

16. Name what you rank yourself in popularity:
again -10 (I KNOW IT SAYS 1-10 BUT I DONT CARE)
17. What 'groups' do you hang in?
i dont HAVE a group

18. LAST QUESTION: What do you rank your life?
5 :P


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