This is my Goodbye. (You might want to read, this is the last you'll hear from me.)

Chapter 1


Um, so you've probably realized it's been over a month since I've got on. And well, it's probably going to be like that for awhile. I'm not going to get on this account anymore. There's too much going on here, so I've made a new account, but I'm not giving out on here for personal reasons. I'll be on there, and I've messaged a few people whom I want to share my new account with. I'll probably message a few more people later. I'm not deleting this account in case I still want to get back on sometime, but that won't happen for a few months at least. I'll decide who to message sometime else, but not right now. I kinda need time to myself and the few people I messaged. If you didn't get one, please don't feel offended, because I'm extremely close with the people I messaged and they understand why I'm doing what I am, so don't be upset, okay? I still care about all of you, even if we never talk.

So yeah, thanks for sticking with me this whole time. This next part is a goodbye, because it could be forever until I get on again. You guys have been here for me for a long time, some of you even the two years I've had this account. I've gone through my share of phases, usually posting them on here, and the ones that are still here are the ones that I know didn't give up on me. I'm sorry for letting you down by leaving suddenly like this, but I have stuff I need to take care of. No one on here caused my leaving, it's something I decided during the weeks I didn't get online. I want you guys to never give up, no matter what, okay? ^.^

Thank you for being here with me so far, but this is my (temporary, I'm hoping. ) goodbye. :)

Bye, friends!!!


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