Stereotype Mix- Original Group Story

Stereotype Mix- Original Group Story

Nerd, Jock, Redneck, Emo, Popular, labels and stereotypes are everywhere, they're a part of ever day life at Allister School. Everyone has a label, and once your labeled you have a group of friends and an assigned seat in classes and at lunch. Socializing with some one outside your label is unheard of. Until in October when Ms. Jules comes to Allister. To her this labelling is a problem, and she has an idea to fix it. It's called Stereotype Mix, what is it and what will it do? Read and find out.

Chapter 1

Lacey Lockwell

I sit at my table playing with one of the blonde streaks in my raven black hair. At the table there was my best friends Damion and Kayla, who we all Indigo because of her dyed hair color.Well, I guess I have to say best friends, they're my only friends. I don't listen to the conversation, instead I listen to the music on my iPod nano. I moved in my seat and wince, the bruise on my stomach causes a lot of pain. I hold back to tears. The rest of the table of our stereotype continue their normal buisness, except Indigo and Damion.
I see Damion and Indigo looking at me, I realize that they are speaking to me, I pause, 'Rebel Love Song' and look at them, "What?" I ask.
"You okay? You look like your about to cry," Indigo says, he blue eyes, stare at me with concern.
"I'm fine."
"You've been acting weird ever since school started, what's wrong?"
I don't want them to know about my mom and dad, about how they were fighting, how my mom can be a mean drunk when she drinks a lot. I also don't want them to find out about what I've done because about, once one person finds out, the whole school does.
The bell breaks my thoughts and I stand. I walk over to my locker once I'm out of the lunchroom. 'Freak' is written cruelly on top of it in black sharpie. I shrug, 'freak, or unique?' I think. I have study hall next, but I heard the new teacher for freshman study hall is giving a project. I mentally curse at this and I clutch my first into my black Pierce the Veil shirt. I take out my notebook for my science class, since there is a test for it on Friday, if I get another ailing grade then the beatings my mom gives will be much worse.
As I walk in I notice everyone is standing, not sitting, "Hello, so glad you can join us, I'm Ms. Jules. Go stand by the rest of the girls," A woman with a kind smile says.
I nod and stand next to Indigo, "What's going on?" I whisper.
"No clue," Indigo replies.
"I have seen that throughout the freshman grade that people are picking on others for being different and having a different label. I noticed it right when I came in. I have dealt with this back at my old school and I know just what to do. It is called Stereotype Mix. I want each of you to write your name on a small price of paper and put it in a jar with your stereotype on it," Ms. Jules said, passing around small square pieces of white paper.
I pull out a pen and write Lacey Lockwell. I fold it up and find the jar that says, Emo written on it. I drop the paper in. I return to the line and wait for every one to finish. Once everyone is finished Ms. Jules begins to speak, "I will randomly pick out names and the two for each pair of names will be project partners for the rest of freshman year. Each person in each pair will be of a different label than the other. Once your name is called go sit with you partner."
She starts calling out names, and then I see her hand slipping into the 'Emo' and the the 'Jock' jars, "Skylar Kade and..." She unfold the paper that came from the 'Emo' jar, "Lacey Lockwell."
I groan quietly and go sit with Skylar, "Hi project partner," he says.
"Hi," I say quietly.
Ms. Jules finishes the project partnering, "Get to know your project partner, try to get along and become friends," says Ms. Jules as the bell rings.
I stand and as I walk past one of the rednecks, I think his name is James I mutter, "Good luck," Then I hurry to my next class.

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