Dont you just hate it?

this is for all those people out there who are just like me when they stop and think.

Chapter 1

my little poem thing (idk what its called)

Don't you just hate it?
That feeling you get, deep inside your core,
a feeling that itches and tickles?
That says something big will happen,
but nothing does?
you just sit there thinking to yourself,
"What on Earth could possibly happen?"
then you imagine all sorts of things.
A giant owl pecking on the window carrying a letter,
A tiny wooden nutcracker dueling with a mouse.
suddenly your brain brings you to a whole new train of thought.
you think in horror of things so dreadful that you just want to cry your eyes out.
Well this isn't very fun now is it?
So don't you just hate it?
That feeling you get?


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