Embarrassing Truths Repost

Chapter 1

Hey guys!!(:

Do you still wear foot pajamas? I have some, and I think the last time I wore them was like late 2013, in November or something.

Do you still take bubble baths? Um, yes, of course! I love them!

Do you sleep with a nightlight? Nope, thank goodness. I can't sleep with light.

Do you like watching little kid shows? Um, I like My Little Pony, and Arthur and occasionally I'll watch Curious George with my little brother. What? George is funny! XD

Do you sleep with one or more toys? I sleep with my stuffed black lamb named Lambie I got from my aunt the day I was born.(':

Do you ever call your parents mommy and daddy anymore? Yes, of course!

Do you ever play with play-dough? I haven't for a good six months.

Do you still have a special “blankie”? Nope, mine got lost when I was a little girl. It was very tragic, I left it in a store, and we went to look for it, and never found it... :'(

Do you get scared of the dark? No way! Okay, maybe when I'm with Delilah... Lol!

Do your parents ever cuddle you? Um, I don't let them...

Do you make puppy dog eyes when you want something from someone? I have before.(;

Do you ever color in coloring books? Not recently. :/

Do you believe in Santa Clause? I wish I did, but no.

Does your closet scare you? Occasionally.

Do you collect any type of children’s toy? (Barbie, Matchbox cars Lalaloopsy dolls… etc.) Not anymore, I did when I was younger though.

Do you sometimes wish you could be 5 again? Yes, I do.(':


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