Super Is A State Of Mind ((Original Group Story))

Nobody ever means to do anything wrong. Nobody ever means for things to go spiraling out of control. But sometimes things happen, and sometimes things do, and it is up to you to make things right. One thoughtless act can send everything you know into a dark, dangerous place. And you have to fight to get free.

Kierie Bradner: littletoes32

Rose Arcus, chapters 2-10: RachelMarie1

Rose Arcus, chapters 12 and on: lighthousepaint97

Chapter 4

Chapter 3: Rose

by: Rachiumz
I tried really hard to focus on Mr. Miller's lecture about stoichiometry and how you have to memorize a formula to find some kind of reactant, but my gosh I was just totally out of it and I started to zone out... until a faint buzzing sound caught my attention. Mr. Miller clicked something off his belt, it looked like some sort of prehistoric flip phone, and opened it. I assumed it was an urgent because before I knew it he was madly dashing out the classroom, and I think he yelled something along the lines of " THEY'RE COMING THEY'RE COMING OH MY LORD "

The class just sat there is disbelief for a few seconds.

I glanced over at Ree, and I'm guessing that she saw the utter confusion on my face because she said, "It's probably his wife, I think she was pregnant with triplets."

"I thought the loon was running to the hills because of a zombie brain infestation." Adam replied.

She turned around and said, "Adam, you watch waaaay too much Walking Dead."

He smirked and rebuttled, "Well you that doesn't mean coming from you much since you're just oh so obsessed with Teen Wolf !"

"Don't you DARE say anything about that show, I don't even watch it anymore!"
"Uh huh." He said while looking a bit smug.
She whispered rather harshly, "I. DONT. WATCH. IT. ANY. MORE. END OF DISCUSSION!"

" Is this uh..normal?"

The both say in unison, "Yes!" And then go back to bickering.

Just then the bell rang, so I stuffed all my books into my back pack and headed for the door.

"Wait! Rose!" I hear from behind me.
I turn around, seeing that Ree and Adam are the only ones left in the class.
"Do you want to come to my house? And I think since you seem to be new to everything maybe we can give you the initiation "
Ree looked a bit surprised and glanced at Adam, and said, "You don't mean...?"

He nodded, "oh yes, you know exactly what I mean."

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