Super Is A State Of Mind ((Original Group Story))

Nobody ever means to do anything wrong. Nobody ever means for things to go spiraling out of control. But sometimes things happen, and sometimes things do, and it is up to you to make things right. One thoughtless act can send everything you know into a dark, dangerous place. And you have to fight to get free.

Kierie Bradner: littletoes32

Rose Arcus, chapters 2-10: RachelMarie1

Rose Arcus, chapters 12 and on: lighthousepaint97

Chapter 2

Chapter 1: Rose

by: Rachiumz
As I laced up my boots, I suddenly felt this strange sensation in my gut. I tried to convince myself that being nervous is a normal thing when starting a new school. Plus I have social anxiety, which just makes everything so much more difficult.

Take a deep breathe, I thought to myself, don't worry about it. Just think positive. Thiiiiink positive. Nothing bad will happen.

I grabbed my backpack from the side of my bed and I walked towards the coat rack. I slowly put on my dark green parka, and took a deep breathe. "I-I'm going now.." I stuttered.

"Ok. Have a good day, Rose!" said my father as I opened the front door. A brisk wind suddenly hit me, sending chills down my spine. I closed the door and made my way to the bus stop, which is only a block away. About seven people were already there by the time I got there. I keep my distance from the other kids, who are half a head shorter then me. I could feel my cheeks and ears turning even more red than normal.

A few minutes later, a dingy, yellow bus screeched to a stop. The doors squeaked open, and people quickly filled up the bus. This must have been the last stop since there were only a few available seats left. I sat in the closest one as the bus made its way to my new school.

The first few hours of school were a blur of new faces, strange new rooms, and school work. Finally when the bell, that I figured signified lunch, rang, I followed everyone to the cafeteria, where I found an empty table and sat down. I dropped my backpack to the ground and took a seat. I was exhausted, but surprisingly not hungry. I decided that I should take a crack at my calculus homework, but I was interrupted by a lunch tray smacking the table and a question.

"Is it ok if I sit here?" I glance up from my calculus book and see a short, petite brunette girl with piercing green eyes.

"Sure, go ahead." I reply nervously.
She nods and takes a seat. "I take it you're new?"
"Yup. Just moved up here to live with my Dad. How'd you know?"
She hesitated for a second, then said, "Your, uh, accent. Plus, you're the only one sitting by yourself."

She paused for second, poked her straw in a box of juice, then says "My name is Kierie, like keeree , but uh, you can call me Ree."
"I'm Rose. Nice to meet you."

It was quiet for a minute, then the sound of a chair scraping the floor broke the silence.

"Hey Ree, who's this?" asked a tan, average-sized guy with a mess of dark hair and eyes, holding his lunch tray with one hand.
"Oh this is Rose, she's new." Ree says, swallowing a piece of food, and gesturing to him as she said, "This is Adam. Don't worry, he's cool."

be cool don't make direct eye contact don't make direct eye contact don't be an idiot don't say anything stupid everyone will just go away eventually

"Umm ok" I responded rather quickly, looking back to my calculus book.

STUPID I thought, hitting myself in the imaginary forehead.

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