Harmonia's Curse

Harmonia's Curse

Aphrodite was the beautiful, lovely, and compassionate goddess of love. She was desired by all men and gods. Hephaestus, Aphrodite's ugly husband, discovers that Aphrodite is cheating on him with Ares, the handsome and desirable god of war, but but it is too late! Aphrodite is already pregnant with Ares's daughter. What will happen to their daughter?

Chapter 1

Aphrodite's Birth

by: Abiwyn
Once upon a time, in the beautiful island of Cyprus, there was a raging storm, which darkened the entire sky. Zeus, the powerful god of the sky, and creator of storms, did not know how this storm started, as he had not created any storms in quite a while. The storm lasted for three days and nights, and terrified all of the citizens of Cyprus. Even the bravest of citizens were scared.
At dawn on the fourth day, the thunder clouds cleared, and the cloudless sky turned a lovely shade of blue. The saturated grass, which had recently been caked with mud, became clean, and turned a healthy shade of green. The roaring sea of Phaphos, which surrounded the magnificent island, became calm; and its dark, grey-teal color became aquamarine-turquoise, and the people of lovely Cyprus knew everything was going to be okay.

At noon, a gentle breeze blew through the glistening leaves, and the blades of grass seemed to whisper as they blew, twisting and swirling around each other. Cherry blossoms drifted slowly off the cherry blossom trees, and landed softly on the surface of the aquamarine-turquoise sea, creating ripples. The clouds parted, and formed a staircase from the blue sky and to the beach by the sea. From the staircase of clouds, two winged gods descended from the heavens. They surrounded the sea of Phaphos, flapping their silky, feathered wings in mid-air. They seemed to be waiting for something. One gods name was Eros, and the other was named Himeros.
A whirlpool started churning in the before calm sea, and produced an immense amount of sea foam. From the sea foam rose an enormous scallop shell, which held inside an outstandingly gorgeous woman with long, curly brown hair, a great tan, and shimmering sea green eyes. The shell drifted gently along the sea towards the beach, where the woman woke up, and was taken to Mount Olympus by Eros and Himeros. Zeus, king of the gods named her Aphrodite, which meant goddess of love and beauty or one who has risen up from sea foam.
There was a great ceremony celebrating the birth of Aphrodite. Even Zeus was happy, but one problem laid ahead for him. Aphrodite was not yet married. Zeus feared that her stunning beauty would cause battles of the gods for her hand in marriage, resulting in many deaths. Because of this, Zeus married her off to the first god he could think of; Hephaestus.
Hephaestus was the worst possible husband for Aphrodite for one gigantic reason. Hephaestus was ugly, and Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty. Because of Hephaestus’s ugliness, Aphrodite disliked him, although he forged much jewelry for her. Aphrodite did not know many gods or goddesses at the time, so she did not know how ugly Hephaestus actually was.
Aphrodite had but one weakness; she was vain, and knew her own beauty more than she knew the color of the marble statues forged by her husband so frequently. She was often caught staring at her reflection by her servant and companion, Eros, who smiled sadly about how so perfect a goddess could have such an imperfect flaw.


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