The Boy on the Other Side

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Chapter 1


There's a boy on the other side
That I see from where I am
And he's standing there wondering what to decide
For he doesn't know who is the lion or the lamb.
And there I am stuck in his gaze that's set on the river
For he looks confused and even a bit mixed
That holds in an expression that can make you shiver
Because there's something left untold that makes you wonder what's going to happen next.
I want to open my mouth and scream his name
So he can know I'm waiting for him to see
That I am willing to take any blame
In order to set ourselves free.
I wonder if he sees me on the other side
Since I'm yelling out words
Trying to get him to notice that I have always tried
To show him I'm a person that wants to stay and cast away all that hurts.
The boy on the other side though is stuck in his place
And I'm there sitting, my heart racing to its pulse
While I watch his beautiful face
Because there is something about him that is all real with nothing false.
The sunshine radiates down upon the river
Which reveals something I didn't notice before
For there is a path of rocks dressed in silver
Waiting to repair a bond so it can be restored.
I stand up, wondering if my balance will be enough
For me to hop across the path of rocks
And join the boy on the other side since I must
Show him that I've always wanted to give him my most sincere thoughts.
One step and there I go
Across the roaring waters
Not letting my eyes leave his face since he holds a magical glow
That has a mystery resting behind his eyes capable of driving even me bonkers.
I reach the side which the boy is on
Wondering if he can to feel my love
Or if everything I have done is now off and gone
No longer resting with the cloud above.
Please, boy on the other side just look up and straight into my eyes
I want to know the feel of his lips
So I can show him that not everything dies
And that there are some things that can withstand an apocalypse.
So please, boy on the other side
Notice me in our time with need
For maybe we could fight the monsters from the outside
Instead of being just a girl and boy that needs to be freed.

I love you boy on the other side.


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