I Adopted/I Bought....

Chapter 1

This is something for meh friend. :D

I ADOPTED...............

Animal: Dog

Gender: Male
Name: Buddy
Odd habbits: He tends to act like a cat. He is a border collie, but he doesn't like herding large animals, just chasing chickens. XD He is also strangely quiet for a dog.
Tricks: High five, shake, roll over, play dead, sit, lie down.
Personality: He is one of the sweetest dogs in the world. He is gentle around little babies, like; eat out of their hand gentle. But he's also super hyper and headstrong. He is an independent little guy.


Animal: Cat
Gender: Female
Name: Athena
Odd habbits: She is more cuddly than most cats are. O.O And she lets you rub her stomach, which is not normal for a cat.
Tricks: I'm attempting to teach her to jump through my arms.... not working though.
Personality: She can be sweet. But more of the time, she's a brat. She acts like she rules the world(typical for a cat), and she isn't very nice to anyone. She will only let me touch her. Very noisy....


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