Stuck in the Genre of Love

You. You. You. I'm screaming for you, wanting to be with you, like I have always wanted to starting from awhile ago. This isn't a love poem, but a poem for my desire that deals with inner thoughts and the hope to turn it into a love poem.

Please let me know your thoughts everyone :)
Even if they are completely negative!

Chapter 1


When I'm alone to my thoughts
My mind wanders to a land showing various clips
Of my past and fantasies ranging from simplicity to the deluxe
Or from sunshine and rainbows to the taste that I think would be on your lips.

Recently though, I've found myself stuck in the genre of love
Thinking about you when I can't keep my mind busy
And sometimes it hurts because I can't turn this to a love poem resting above
For everything is moving so fast, leaving me confused and even dizzy.

My thoughts wonder if it could ever turn to that
Where we live in a land that's our own fairytale
Far from where others have discovered perhaps
And each kiss we share or each dance we do can be remembered in detail.

I think of all the things that we could be
And each moment in the past we shared
For we showed each other sides that didn't always consist of glee
And I hope you realize that each word you spoke, I always cared.

I'm screaming 'I love you' inside my own head
And they intertwine with my thoughts leaving many emotions unspoken
For I never meant to cause any harm on what has been said
And sometimes I wish all that happened could just be forgotten.

I want you to know I want you to be my happily ever after
That can take me to the moon and back
Saving me from dragons and shining in laughter
That won't fade like the sun when a day turns black.

You are a prince from a faraway land
That makes me weak in the knees
For you always manage to give me your last hand
And I wish I could hold the power for time to freeze.

I want to feel your lips in the rain
Or I want to know what it's like to dance down a bridge
Forgetting everything that has caused past pain
Because with you I know there wouldn't be a glitch.

I wonder if you hear me screaming your name
Trying to find my way back to you
To touch this so far invisible flame
That feels so warm when nothing is blue.

I hope you can forgive me for my lack of knowledge
Because I still know you are better than Prince Charming
And I'm sorry if I destroyed our bondage
Since I love you and the thought of you is always warming.

This isn't a love poem but a fantasy that I hold
Inside my deepest thoughts, burning in the fire
And I love you which is a story left again to be told
Over and over, feeding into my biggest desire.

I'm stuck on the genre of love
Thinking about the taste on your lips
Wondering what it's like for you to hold me on the clouds above
While my mind plays the finale from all the clips.

I come back to reality with my heart growing
Beating along with the drums of my mind
Hoping that soon our hands will be holding
Showing a new scene that wouldn't have to be rewind.

I've found myself stuck in the genre of love


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