To Everyone That Would like to Improve on Their Writing ( Please read )

Chapter 1

Spreading the word

The_Demigod ( Also known as Bob202 ) has recently put together a club. Some of you have already read about it, but many haven't. The name is simple and easy to remember, its called " The Book Writing Club " which is made to help people along with writing or writing a story in general!

So say, you want to improve on writing adventure stories. You would simply sign up, then choose a "Teacher" from the selection. If a Teacher specializes in Adventure genre, then you would want to have them tutor you. This also works for starting a completely new genre as well, if you want to start writing suspense. Pick from the Teacher selection and poof! You got a tutor!

You can also become a teacher, first take a teacher "class", and have knowledge on writing the stories they intend to teach. Just message Bob202 for more info.

I would recommend this to everyone, you never know what you could learn from someone.

The following is a link to sign-ups:

Thanks for reading!


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