Some songs that I wrote

Tell me what you think of them. I love getting feedback :)

I want everyone who has ever felt sad or alone to see chapter 5

Song List:

1) Break Down
2) Lies
3) Proud of Me
4) The Good Girl
5) You Are Not Alone
6) The Radio
7) The Survivors
8) Myself
9) The Mask
10) The Fallen Angel
11) Not Giving In
12) Outrage
13) Back Down
14) Tonight
15) Please Stay
16) Never Be You
17) Again
18) I Remember You
19) Our S.O.S.
20) Get Out
21) Thanks for Nothing

Chapter 1

Break Down

by: Luxray100
Its been some long hard years,
of havin' to face my fears,
I've been tryin' to hold back all my tears,
but now and then, some things still get to me,
I just, plain break down!
I know I'm tough,
but now and then,
my fears still get to me!
and I, break down,

I try to hold it in,
at least till I can find someplace to hide,
I hate havin' to cry,
and I still don't get why they make fun of me,
I just, plain break down!
I know I'm tough,
but now and then,
they all just get to me!
and I, break down,

Well the roads been rough,
and I've tried to be tough,
and yet I still find myself,
breaking down,
breaking down,

It's been another year,
and I've still broken down,
but then I look down and I feel my face,
and theres, no more tears,
now I'm all alone in a room where theres no one around, to hear me,
and I'm,
yelling with all my might!
my tears have turned to stone!
now I know I'm tough,
even though I'm breaking down,
I know I'm tough,
not any more!
not at all!
I won't put up with it no more!
I'm not gonna cry!
not gonna hide!
not any more!

I know I'm better than them,
and I know I'm tougher than them!
and I know,
I know,
I know,
I'm still gonna,
break down,
I'm still gonna,
break, down.

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