Your Opinions ✩ Freedom of Speech

Chapter 1


So I saw a lot of you guys like to voice your opinions on this website, and I am saying there is nothing wrong with that and I respect you for being honest :)
But sometimes, a person might say something, an opinion that may be unpopular with many people. Yes, you might disagree with that opinion, and I know some of you would handle your disagreement very maturely and just point out that you disagree without picking a fight or anything. And I think your correct in that, you shouldn't really cause a fight.

But other times, I see that some people attack others for their opinion.
They might send them hatemail, bully online or do other things to hurt them and I DON'T ACCEPT THAT! You might be hurting the person greatly!
So what they said their opinion and you don't agree? It doesn't mean you should handle it in a childish way! Just either tell them in a mature way that you don't agree and say your reasons why, without causing a fight, or just don't reply to it at all.
Because telling someone to kill themself or really bad things just because they were brave enough and finally opened up about what they think is not necessary. AT ALL.

Im sorry if I offended anyone but its just my point of view
But I think its a common problem in the internet in general :(
Sorry for the horrible english as well DX


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