This Christian Supports Gay Rights

Chapter 1

I know I'm not Alone

Oh my gosh, a christian that supports gay rights! It's not unusual, not all Christians hate gays. Most are neutral, not for, not against. But I completely supports gay rights, why should anybody care about someone else's choice. It's theirs not yours. You think there's something wrong with them? Great, keep your opinions to yourself, no one cares. Are gay people hurting you in anyway possible? Most of the time, no. If you don't like gay people, nobody could care less.

How would you feel if someone hated you because of your hair colour? Or your skin tone? It's not really something you can control or something you're gonna change. If someone's gay, they're gay and that's it. No one's gonna change their sexu** orientation because someone's making fun of them. That's not how it works.

Why not let gay gay people get married? It's not effecting you or anyone. Can anyone think of a good reason for gay people to not be allowed to marry each other? And it's not because it's wrong. Because it's not wrong, sure, the bible says it's not right to be attracted to the same gender. But did it ever say to treat gay people rudely? No it didn't. It is perfectly fine if a pair of the same gender to get married, it's not hurting me, it's not hurting you.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with gay people. They don't hurt you, you don't hurt them. And I know plenty of Christians support gay rights. If anyone can give me a good reason to hate gay people, I'd love to hear it. I bet it'll be a stupid reason but you can try. I know I'm not the only one who supports them and agrees with this rant.


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