Jenny: My life as one of slenderman's proxies

I was so happy when Slenderman told me that I could write a story on here after I practically begged him. So, thank you guys for showing interest in me. I hope its not much of a disappointment but I'm not hoodie or Masky. I've met Masky a few times though. Hes a pretty cool person.

Chapter 2

What do you freaking want from me?!

One day when I was walking home from school, I took another route in hopes that Slenderman would not be there waiting for me, but I was dead wrong. Not only was he fallowing me, but he was closer than ever! As soon as I saw him, I took off running but he just ran after me getting closer and closer. I ran away as fast as I could, but there would be slenderman just a few steps away. Way too close for comfort. And then the scariest thing imaginable happened. I tripped over a rock as I was running and fell on my face. As I went to get up, I noticed that slenderman was now in front of me, towering way above me. I nervously and slowly look up, too scared to get up. He stared down at me for a very long time. I finally worked up enough courage to talk.

"Just do It already! I'm tired of life..."

Thats when I heard a voice in my head...

"I don't want to kill you Jenny"

When I heard my name, I couldn't help but answer...

"h-how.... how d-d-o you know my n-n-na-ame?"
"I know many things. I have been watching you for a long time my dear."
"w-why have y-you been wa-wat-tching m-m-me?"
" Please don't be afraid Jenny. I mean you no harm. I am sorry that I put you through so much pain, but it is all necessary for the process. I have chosen you Jenny"

Slenderman out stretched an arm towards me and I crawled backwards to get out of reach.

"ch-ch-chozen for wha-what?"

"Please don't be afraid Jenny. You shall work for me and be one of my proxies. You will fit in well with my other proxies and I know you will succeed."

Work for slenderman??? Why the hell would I want to work for him?!?!!! Hes freaking a pedophile and a murderer who has been killing for hundreds of years! Who knows what the hell he would do to me. I remember reading some where that he some times impales humans on trees, dicers them and takes their organs. Who the hell would agree to work for a man who did things like that.?!?!! Like seriously!!!

"Jenny. I can read your thoughts. I know that you are afraid. I promise You that I mean you no harm. If I did, I would of killed you after you fell instead of talking to you, It would of been so easy of a target not to give up. It may not seem like it now Jenny, but your life we be much better this way"

Slenderman took a step forward and held his hand out to me. For some reason That I will never fully understand, I believed him... I took his hand in mine and he helped me up.

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