Jenny: My life as one of slenderman's proxies

I was so happy when Slenderman told me that I could write a story on here after I practically begged him. So, thank you guys for showing interest in me. I hope its not much of a disappointment but I'm not hoodie or Masky. I've met Masky a few times though. Hes a pretty cool person.

Chapter 1

A Quick Hello and how it all started

Well any ways I should probably start with the basics. Hi my Name is Jenny. I'm 16 years old. I live in a small town in Mayland with my mom, my younger sister Sara, my older brother Kyle, and our pet goat. Also I have been working for Slenderman for about 2 years.

I started to notice Slenderman fallowing me from a far when I was in 9th grade. I have heard of the myth, have read some creepy pasta of him and even started researching him a bit So, when I first saw Slenderman watching me and actually fallowing me around, I thought I was as good as dead. He stalked me all of my freshmen year. Every time that I saw him, my heart would beat faster and my mind filled up fear. The fear tortured me and ate away at me. It was so horrible. The fear got so bad that I had a hard time leaving the house and going through normal life. But my mom forced me to. When I Finally worked up the courage to tell my friends that Slenderman has been fallowing me, all they did was laugh at me and make fun of me which hurt even more due to the fact that I have been best friends with Bethany and Courtney for years. I told them that I wasn't kidding but no matter how hard I tried, they didn't believe me. As time went on, our friendship tore at the seems as I became known as a lier. Every one thought that I was a lier. Rumors of me spread all through out the school shared in quiet whispers. Anger, sadness, and fear filled me, as did really bad head aches. The fear and sleeplessness got in the way of my school work and my grades took a noes dive. Once an honor role student, now a failure. The Head aches made it very hard to concentrate as well. The teachers knew something was wrong with me so I was forced me to go to the school counselor multiple times a week to work out problems and later to a real therapist for apparently I have mental problems. But I know for a fact that The Slenderman wasn't my imagination, I wasn't hallucinating him. He is so very real. My life just got worse and worse. It got so bad that I thought about suicide and my life already sucked a lot before since we barely had enough money to live off of, I sleep on the living room couch instead on a be every night, and I pretty much took care of my self ever since I was young.

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