Things of Beauty

Chapter 1

Smells I love (in no particular order)

1. The smell of dust after rain (Petrachor)
2. Cookies baking in the oven
3. Freshly washed and dried hair
4. Mangos
5. Freshly picked Raspberries
6: Freshly washed and sun-dried clothes
7. The smell of books
8. The smell of flowers in a garden
9. Thieves oil
10. Fresh ink
11. Wet wool
12. Wet paper Machete
13. Coins
14. Campfire smoke
15. Campfire cooked salmon
16. Green Tea
17. Coffee
18. Chocolate
19. Freshly ground herbs
20. A smoking sage stick
21. Naturally running water
22. freshly opened paint
23. Watercolors
24. Cloth
25. Mallow sweet
26. Breath mints
27. Haroset (a thick mixture of apples, walnuts, red wine, raisins, dates, honey and cinnamon that Jewish people eat for Passover.)
28. warm milk and honey
29. Trees
30. Dripping wax

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