Demigod (and Other Beings) Survival Guide

This is a survival guide on how to live with (or stay living during interactions) with your favorite (or not so favorite) characters from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Series.

And comments and/or rates are welcome.

Chapter 1

Table of Contents

Is subject to change

The Seven

1. (Annabeth Chase)
2. (Piper McLean)
3. (Percy Jackson)
4. (Jason Grace)
5. (Leo Valdaz)
6. (Frank Zhang)
7. (Hazel Levesque)

Other Greek Demigods (including saytrs and Tyson)
8. (Clarisse la Rue)
9. (Grover Underwood)
10. (Luke Castellan)
11. (Tyson)
12. (Chris Rodriguez)
13. (Connor and Travis Stoll)
14. (Drew)
15. (Apollo Kids (Lee Fletcher, Micheal Yew, and Will Solace))
16. Nico
17. Katie Gardener
18. Beckondorf
19. Selina
20. Coach Hedge

Artemis and her Hunters
21. Artemis
22. Thalia
23. Zoë
24. Bianca

Other Roman Demigods
25. Reyna
26. Octavian

27. Rachel Dare
28. Sally Jackson and Paul Blofis

That's all for right now! I am also open for suggestions.

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