Ying-Yang- Yo Wassup? (Soul Eater Love Story)

Ying-Yang- Yo Wassup? (Soul Eater Love Story)

This is my Love story to Soul Evans. And my sister shall be forced to like Blackstar since he's like my dad

Chapter 1


I'm addicted, blame my cousin and some girl who I texted to on my first account. Anyways, so the main characters are two sisters, who are oppisite as day and night.

Character one: Gaby

Gaby Hazen is a Mexican meister, she has some health problems but pulls through. She's usually nice and sweet, but if you get on her bad side she's as dark as her tattered heart. She's popular, smart, and everyone loves her. She is livley and stands up for what she believes in. She's a bit girly but she's actually quite strong. You'll see more of her personality as you read. To see how she looks like, the link will show you to a picture. She's stronger than what you think she'll never break down. She hates killing but when looking into the eyes of her victim the evil soul they posses fill her with anger and she temperaly looses her mind. Her crush will be Blackstar.

Luna Santiago is her sister. Doesn't look as Mexican, rarely gets sick, or so peope think. When she does it's serious but she decides to try and tough it out. She's usually mean and tries to ignore people. She'll play off as a dork, bipolar, but she can care less of what people think... Most of the time. There is the problem that she has genetic depression. She's a witch, a desendent of to mighty fighter for the dark. The great witch Grimalkin, the witch assasian and the Fiend (Btw, this may also have references from the last appretience). She's a lot different from her sister, but in many ways they're the same too. They both are intelligent, and you don't want to get on her bad side. Her eyes chage with her emotions. When she's happy, they sparkle like a child's. When she's ad they become big like puppy dog eyes. When she's mad they become pools of darkness and pure evil, scary enough to reach into your soul and petrify it. She has secrets and you'll learn more from reading. For a picture look at the picture in this link. her crush will be Soul Evans. She has sharp teeth like him!


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