Chapter 1


How does one manage to cut their skin?
Tear the veins that run within?
How do you carefully steal a knife?
The tool that's used to end your life?
How do you hide from prying eyes?
How do you muffle your painful cries?
Where do you cut so that no one will see?
So no one at school will question me?
How long does it take to disappear?
A day, a month or even a year?

How does one pretend not to care?
Pretend to read but simply stare?

How does one refrain from eating?
But not act like you're competing?
How does one fill the great black hole?
Without the hunger taking its toll?

How do you make yourself violently sick?
How do you get your body to tick?
I've tried before but there's one small snag,
All I can manage is a pitiful gag.

But perhaps the question I should ask,
Rather than how to complete this task,
Maybe I should just sit down and cry,
And ask myself not how but why?


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