Catch it by The Tale: A Collection of Fairy Tales

A bunch of stories that I made up, myself, for Alexis's story contest!
And so begins a collection of stories, Tales, and Legends. Many of dark and devious ends and beginnings, here, it all starts. Combined into one book of Laughter and Agony

Chapter 1

Tale of Two Twins

Once upon a time, there lived a young family, who lived in a cottage near the town square of Dornhan. They were a normal family, an average one of sorts, the father was the local blacksmith and the mother was a nurse. They had two children, Alia and Alex, born on the same day and grown up in nearly the same way. Sandy blonde hair, intellegent blue eyes, and freckles that were dotted along their noses, they were looked upon to be beautiful children by the town's elders.

By the time they were 7 years old, their mother began to take more control of Alia, making her do a variety of chores around their cottage, such as sweeping the floors and retrieving well water for dinner. The same happened to Alex, their father took him up to his smith's shop each day for him to observe the craftsmanship and prepare to become one himself.

As they became older, the two realized they didn't want to be such ordinary children, no, they wanted to explore the whole land. Become as if the adventurers that were in the common pages lining the streets. Alia worked hard to get her chores done so that Alex and her could explore together in the northern woods. The Holken Woods as the elders called it, vast in size and growing thicker each step you took into it.

One day, at the age of 10, Alex and Alia stood at the edge of the woods, gazing upon the trees in wonder and amazement. Alia pulled lightly at the hem of her skirts, as Alex did with the tip of his pant pockets, but with a sudden sense of adventure in the air. The children looked at each other before taking the other's hand and excitedly skipping in.

Nights past, there was no sign of the children, no one had heard them much less seen. Their parents were in a panic, the father stopped his work and organized a search party while the mother sat in the home, waiting for their return. She soon grew saddened, despite that each night her husband came home safe she longed for the children. With a week gone by the children were claimed to be dead, though no one was sure if that was the right fate.

Months went by, the season's rolled around and pasted through, still no sign of the children. It was finally secured that they were in fact, dead. But no, the children gleefully ran through the woods, through time itself, for the woods were as if a portal everlastingly morphing time and space. Placing them back at the same spot as of they first started, but it did not change evolution, so it was as the children were aging as normal but repeating what they had done over and over unknowingly.

Magic, for magic was a mysterious thing of mysterious sorts. It cannot be classified into one specific group altogether other than types and is simply referred to as " whatever-specialty magic" in general. This form of magic was "Time Magic", a little known form that can very rarely be conquered much less controlled. It enabled the victim or victims to see things as it was during the time they had begun being controlled. An odd sort of magic, but a magic of odd sorts it is!

" By Jove Alia, you do look different! It was as if you gained years in the last few seconds! " Alex exclaimed one day, just as they were about to run into the woods for the first time, again. For Alia wore the same dress she had when they ventured to the outskirts of the wood, however by now it was outgrowing her. The formerly long skirt was now the size of a skimpy mini skirt and the short sleeves had tightened into her skin.

" As do you! " Alia responded, equally surprised " Do you think we should very well go back to mother? "

" Not yet in the least! " Alex then said, pondering with his head in his palm " We still have nearly half and hour! I don't think they would miss us for another half, I say."

" But Alex, my dress is so tight, and your trousers look as if ready to burst. We could go back for hemming or even ask for new clothes "

" Fine, but not for too long, we're loosing time to explore! " and with that the children ran off back towards their house, away from the beckoning claws of the forest. With each of their petty steps the scenery changed, catching up with the current time. The green grass changed to ripped brown blades trampled to the dry dirt. The sky was coated in a cloak of utter darkness, no star or sun shone from its eerie overhead landscape. Broken down shacks covered the land, random tools and furniture stuck out at odd angles from the broken windows, rusting door hinges creaking loudly when the wind managed a whiff.

The children ran on, not noticing any change, their only aspect was to get to their house and return to the woods. The remainder of magic left on them wasn't helping either, to them each thing was as normal as if nothing had even happened. They waved to the ghost of their dad who still pounded on the metal inside of the long abandoned shoppe. The twins ran past former neighbors houses', waving at the already dead. Eventually they came upon their cottage, sitting awkwardly on the side of the town square left scattered with carts and ransacked by thieves many years ago.

" Mother? " Alia called jumping through the open door, the magic fading off quickly, Alex close behind. He saw their mother first, weeping on an old rocking chair, head in her wrinkled hands. She didn't look up.

" Mum? " Alex cried, running to her side. He put his hands on her face, running his thumbs over the various wrinkles creased across her face. Tear stains ran down her face from crying for so many years. Aria looked around the cottage, dust and cobwebs covered everything, the family sketches and painting they did when they were kids left untouched in front of the vacant fireplace.

" Mum, what's wrong? " Alex asked, forcing their mothers face to look at his. But it was just as though she was seeing right through him, eyes blood red and crusted. The rocking chair threatened to crumble with every continuous sob.

A sudden twinkle flashed near the corner of the room, impossible not to notice, a woodland fairy fluttered in place. A fresh yellow dress decorated with tiny flowers covered her torso to her thighs, she wore her long blonde hair up in a bun with a braided headband embellished with silver minerals. Bright green eyes shown like emeralds.

" It no use you know. " She said calmly, " She doesn't even see you! "

" How can she not? We're standing right her in front of her! " Alia exclaimed, throwing her hand up in the air.

" Don't you understand? You've been missing for the past 8 years, a famine happened followed by a hideous plague, killing everyone. Your simply a horrible nightmare from the past to her. " The fairy replied as if in a lecture, glancing over at Alex who was still trying to make their mother see him.

Alia's face turned puzzled, " But, I don't understand, we've been in the woods for the past 5 minutes! How could 8 years happen in 5 minutes ? "

" Magic my dear child, you were trapped in a time warp the whole time. "

Alex finally looked up from his crying mother, " You said that everyone had died, then how can mum still be here?! "

" She's not. " Came the fairy's short reply as her form began to fade. The interior of the room changed in an instant, it was as if they were transported into a never ending darkness. Crimson blood slowly dripped down invisible walls surrounding them. There was no sound, the temperature dropping dramatically, all feeling became an odd numbness. A mist floated above them, the occasional face breaking free from the current, trying to shout something to them before being sucked back. Never to be seen again.

Suddenly their mother sat in the rocking chair sobbing frantically, she finally looked up, her skeletal hands stretched out at them. Veins protruded from her arms and legs, threatening to burst.

" Why did you have to leave me?! " Came her cry, eyes desperate.

" We didn't leave you!! We just- " The twins shouted together.

" Why did you leave me?! " Their mother cut them off, " You left me for DEAD "

" B-b-bu- "

" Do you hear me, children?!" Their mother sobbed, " Do you hear me now?! "

" We've always heard you! Always have and always will! "

" Don't leave me!.... Don't.... Leave... Me... " Her frail jaw dropped from her head, bouncing away from the rocking chair. Those eyes, those blood shot eyes, sunk into her skull, fading farther and farther. Every creak from the chair was louder than ever before, echoing across the unknown terrain of darkness.

The very skin on her body began slipping, falling away from her bones and piling up on the ground till turning to dust. Soon, all that was left was bones. Just a monstrosity of bones moving in an unbreakable trance. Her hands still outstretched, clawed at them, beckoning them to come closer. The children held each other in fear, staring into cold, lifeless black eyes.

The skeleton began shaking rapidly, bone fell away from bone, arms and legs littered the floor as the rocking chair itself finally crumpled to a long awaiting dust. A small billow of wind blew about, ruffling Alex's hair. The wind carried the dust away to who knows were. Hands came from the ground below and raked the bones, pulling them back into hell.

The children were left, in near utter darkness, other than the long river of death mist that flowed above them. Hugging each other, they shook terrified of what had happened. Alex was the first to manage somewhat of a sentence.

" Are you alright... "

" No... " Came Alia's reply, " Our mother... our mother just- "

" That was not our mother " Alex hissed, wrapping his arms tightly around her.

The voice of the fairy from their cottage erupted from an unknown source, " How can you be so sure? " She cackled, other laughs sounded everywhere. A mixture of maniacal laughs and snickers growing louder with every heart beat.

The mist above them burst, thousands of lost souls tumbled onto the twins. Through the shock, Alia managed a scream before being swallowed in the river. The souls kept coming, faces they never knew pouring into them. Alex landed hard on the floor with Alia on top of him, neither could breath, a frantic gasp escaped his mouth. What was left of his air floated through the masses.

Alia clutched onto his lifeless body as they sunk farther into the crowd, longing to hear the beating of his heart. Her eyes clasped shut, not wanting to see another face. But alas, soon her last breath rose to an unseen surface and her grip lessened till not holding at all. The laughs ran on, psychotically chiming into one as a whole. Echoing across the unknown.

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