Random things to do when your bored! (Chapter 3!)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

1.) Sit on a curb with a stuffed animal and scream at it about how it ruined your life.

2.) Go to a football game and hold up a sign that says "The guy behind me can't see".

3.) Go into a Pepsi factory and ask for a job while you're drinking Dr. Pepper.

4.) Follow a random person around and spray everything they touch with disinfectant.

5.) Go up to a couple and tell the guy; "I thought we had something special."

6.) Congratulate everyone coming out of the bathroom stall.

7.) Draw a face on an egg, put him on a wall, push him off and scream, "Humpty, NO!"

8.) Go to McDonald's and ask McDonald's for a pizza and refuse to leave until you get one.

9.) Call Dominos ask for the number to Pizza Hut.

10.) Hide in the clothing rack at Walmart and yell when someone walks by, "PICK ME!"

11. ) Go to McDonald's and ask for a sad meal, then yell, "SAD PEOPLE HAVE TO EAT TOO!"

12.) After the pizza guy repeats your order, say "Once more, this time with a little more OOMPH."

13.) Put on a dog costume and go to the mall. if anyone talks to you, growl at them.

14.) Take a rock to a diner. When it's time to pay, tell them "he's" covering the bill and walk out.

15.) With a big group of people, go up to someone at the mall and say: "YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!"

16.) Take one grape to the check out. Say nothing. See how the cashier reacts.

17.) In an elevator, laugh randomly for 5 minutes. Then stare at other passengers like they're crazy.

18.) Go to McDonald's with a friend,ask for the manager, and both start complaining about your life problems.

19.) Call your friends and invite them over. When they get there ask: "What are you doing here?"

20.) Buy a lot of things at a store and only pay with pennies.

21.) Call a random number and, when someone picks up, scream "STOP CALLING ME!"

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