Gosh....I feel SOOOO loved. ._.

Chapter 1

Note the sarcasm in the title......

So, I made myself a tuna sandwich....and I came outside to eat it, because I have to watch the dog while he's on his rope.
I sit down, and suddenly, my dog, AND kitten are both there staring at me(more of the sandwich), my dog with his unresistible brown eyes, and my cat with her creepy blue eyes. So I give them each a piece, and they both down it, and come back begging for more.
I can never seem to refuse my animals. So soon, my whole sandwich is gone, me having eaten maybe five bites.
Then they walk off and do their own thing, completely forgetting my presence until I make another for me, and they return. XD
I'm so loved, can't ya tell?


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