Heart of Ice (Jelsa)

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Chapter 2

"Oh, god." My hand flies to my temple and I begin to massage it. "Oh, god," I repeat. "I've been working way too much. All this snow and ice has finally gotten to my head." I look back to Jack- He seems so real, but no way could he be. "You're a myth. My father told me stories about you when I was little. You can't be real."

"I beg to differ," Jack replies, leaning against his staff. "A myth? Really? You know, I find that insulting. Next thing you know, you'd think Santa and the Easter Bunny aren't real."

"They are?" I exclaim.

Jack gives me a 'duh' look and I begin to rub my temple again. No. This cannot be happening. I'm definitely hallucinating. People can't fly and people certainly can't make it- I take a step backwards. People can make it snow... I can make it snow. I feel my stomach twist. Finally, there's someone like me- no.

This is Jack Frost. He isn't meant to be real. All my duties are just going to my head— Duties!

"Look, it's great meeting you, Mr Frost, but-"

"Mr Frost?" He grins and comes down off of the railing to stand in front of me. "I like it. It sounds fancy. Mr Frost," he repeats, testing his new title out on his tongue. He seems to like it as he nods his head in approval.

There's a knock on my door and I swing around. "M'lady?" a woman's voice calls into me. "Sorry to bother you, but the preparations really are important to have done."

"I'm coming!" I shout out to her, my voice a little higher than usual. Biting my lip, I turn back to Jack. "Er, look, I don't really know what's going on right now, but I feel a tad bit crazy, actually. You should leave, or something. I mean, you have to be apart of my imagination and I have stuff to do. You know, queen stuff- important stuff."

Jack doesn't say anything. I hesitate before turning around and heading back into my room. There's a gush of wind, and the doors shut behind me. Frowning at the doors, I turn back and begin to head back out towards the hall.

"This place is huge!"

My eyes widen at the familiar voice coming from outside my room. I run to the door and I swing it open, looking down the hall to see Jack Frost floating over everyone, observing every little thing that's happening.

"What are you doing? Get out of here!" I call over to him. Someone grabs my arm while Jack looks at me and grins.

"Are you alright, Ma'am?" the lady asks me as she leads me away from Jack. "Was Edward bothering you?"

"Edward?" I give her a confused look. I look back to Jack to realise that he is floating over Edward, one of the helpers, who is staring at me with an expression of confusion. "No. I was talking to the boy."

"The boy?" the lady asks, sounding concerned.

I furrow my brows together. "Yes, the boy. Right over there, flying above Edward."

Instantly, a hand is placed on my forehead. I push my head back, feeling irritated. "Are you feeling unwell, Queen Elsa?" I shake my head, my patience lowering. Why can't she see him? He must definitely be all in my head. "Perhaps you should see the doctor."

"Why?" I ask her, as she brings me down the stairs. One of the servants passes with a tray of chocolate, and I can't help but grab one off of the tray and begin to eat it.

"There was no boy."

I shake my head. So, Jack Frost is an hallucination. I knew it. Am I going crazy? All the work I do is definitely going to my head. I allow the lady to bring me into the ball room, and I stop dead in my tracks when I see who's in it, messing around and who else is in it, looking a little uncomfortable.

"Anna!" Anna turns to face me. She's standing on one of the chairs, stating something or other, or perhaps she's singing again. She does love to sing. "Get down this instant!" I turn to Kristoff and raises an eyebrow. He tries to look innocent, but fails.

"Sorry," he mumbles. "I tried to get her to stop."

"I just came because I like the ballroom," Olaf tells me, coming over to stand beside me. I smile down at the little snow creature. I had created him two years ago, and he's such a good friend.

There's a low whistle from behind me and I whirl around to see Jack entering the room. I groan. He twirls his staff loosely in his hand, looking around and admiring the room. My stomach feels uneasy as I look at him. There's a mischievous glint in his eye that I don't particularly like.

Why am I so worried? What can he do? He's just apart of my imagination, after all. Honestly, I'm a little impressed with what my mind can conjure up, especially if I am definitely going crazy.

"This place is fancy," Jack announces. "Almost as fancy as Buckingham Palace in England."

"Thanks." I smile feeling proud of Anna and I's castle. It isn't just a castle to us, it's also our home, and it's a place we shared memories with our deceased parents with.. even if those memories aren't always pleasant. We have so many great memories alone in this castle. That is, until I almost killed her. I had been forced to shut her out and isolate myself, just so I could protect her. But she never understood that until she rediscovered my powers. Now, though, I have no reason to push her away.

I glance back around at the others and realise that they're all staring at me. "What?" I pat my face feeling self conscious.

"You know what's the best part of being me?" Jack mutters from beside me. I look at him and he grins. "Unless you believe in me, you can't see me. Amazing how this works, right?" I roll my eyes– I think I already discovered that part on my own. Plus, he's all in my mind, so naturally no one else can see him. Imaginary things always have an excuse as to why they can't be seen... Right?

"You just said thanks. For what?" Anna asks me.

"Uh..." My mind races with so many different answers. "Thanks for... Uh... Getting off of the chair."

"Oh," Anna simply replies. Her eyes narrowed in concern at me. "Anyway, the reason Olaf, Kristoff and I are here is because we're going to help you!" Anna turns and begins to examine the already nearly finished ballroom. "I mean, you could put more chocolate- agh!" She staggers forward, trying not to lose her balance. Surprised, I jump back.

I look to her, realising that she had been hit with snow. I look down at my hands, worried. I didn't do that- I'd know it if I did. I look up at Jack who's throwing another snowball up and down in his hands. "I lied," he tells me. "This is the best part of being me!"

Anna turns, looking at me and feeling the back of her head. "Did you just.. Hit me with your power?"

"Power?" Jack asks, suddenly very interested in me. "You have a power? What is it? Go on, let's see-"

"No, Anna. I would never," I reply. "I know the risks. I would never hurt you."

I got a sudden sense of déjà vu. No. This isn't like my dreams. Anna isn't going to suddenly hate me. She doesn't think I'm a monster. I glare at Jack for what he did. How could I explain that it was Jack Frost who had thrown the snowball and not me? She'd definitely think I've gone crazy. You know, maybe I have gone crazy. I'm the only one who can see Jack Frost after all.

Next thing, I was going to be seeing a small little bunny handing out Easter eggs. Or a large man handing out presents shouting 'ho ho ho'. Could this get any crazier? I hope not. If it did, god only knows what could happen.

"You know, I'd really like to see this power," Jack continues on. "Wait. Hold up! You're not a guardian, are you?" I roll my eyes and look at him blankly. He chuckles. "Didn't think so."

"How did a snowball hit me, so?" she asks She looks at me in concern, and her eyes nervously glanced at my hands.

"I can explain-"

"Try to explain that without sounding like a nutter," Jack teases me. "You're the only person, bar the other immortals, who can see me. You're the only living mortal... You should feel lucky." He flashes as smile at me, and I look away from him, feeling somewhat annoyed and confused.

"It was... Uh..." I begin

"Honestly, there's no point," Jack says. "Nobody believes in me. Just fess up and let me see that power-"

"Shut up!" I shout, feeling my patience officially run out. .

A silence follows me after that. Anna, Kristoff and Olaf look at me in concern. I open my mouth to speak, but no words come out. Anna frowns, stepping forward, eyes focused on me. I take a step back, shaking my head, my mind racing with questions. They think I'm insane. Am I? Am I insane?

I let out a long sigh, wanting nothing more than to run from the castle and remake my beloved ice castle and hide in there. But I can't. I can't leave Anna because I think I'm crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm just stressed, that's all.

"Are you alright, Elsa?" Anna asks me.

"You look sick," Kristoff comments, stepping closer with Anna.

I take another step back. I bump against Jack and whirl around in shock. I could... Feel him. If he is an hallucination, then why can I feel him? He looks down at me, an eyebrow arched. I try to get out a sentence again, but again, nothing escapes my lips.

I look to Anna and she looks more and more worried for me with each passing second. "I just... I don't feel... Good."

I take in a sharp breath, and I flee from the room.

"I'm not insane," I mutter. "Not insane. I'm not insane." I begin to massage my temple again, feeling as though I'm going to faint. "I'm not crazy."

"Where are you going?" the voices of Jack and Anna call after me as I begin to descend the stairs.

"Elsa, come back!" Anna shouts.

"I want to see those powers," Jack says jokingly. But I'm barely listening anymore. I run to the entrance and out the doors into the court, still running, out into Arendelle where people watch in anticipation as I flee from the castle.

"I'm not crazy," I whisper to myself. "I just need a break." I frown. Why am I hallucinating? Why does Jack seem so real? He can't be. He just can't be. That is... Insane.

Father always told me Jack Frost is just a myth, that he doesn't exist. He said that I'm as close as anyone's going to get to seeing anything like Jack Frost. He said he wasn't real!

I'm insane.

Word's going to get out and everyone is going to realise that their queen is a nutter.

I have to get away. Far away. There's only one place I feel totally at peace, but it is far, far away, up in the mountains. I take in a deep breath, already feeling relaxed at the thought of my home away from home. The Ice Castle is mine, and it is where I can be myself without fear.

I just need a long break from my duties.

But I'm queen! I knew the responsibilities that came with it. I couldn't just run from my job... And yet, here I was, running from my role. Running from my family and my friends, all because I feel insane.

I'm a coward.

I don't deserve to be queen. Anna deserves it more than me. Maybe it was time to leave the throne and let Anna rule. My stomach twists at the thought of Anna taking on such a responsibility. She isn't ready. I was barely ready.

I don't want this.

I just want to live a normal life with my sister without the Stress.

I smirk- I want to build a snowman.

I raise my hand, channeling my power. I aim at a particular place on the snow covered and ground, and my power rushes from my hand.

"Come, Marshmallow. Let's go back home."

The giant snow creature groans, and trudges behind me up the mountain. I look behind me, down on Arendelle. Already I feel better. I feels like I can finally breathe again. My head feels clearer. There's now no Jack Frost around. No responsibilities.

I'm free, even just for a little while. And it feels amazing.
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