The Oscars (2014) Predictions

We all know that the 2014 Oscars are coming up, so here I share my predictions for 4 of the main categories for these Oscars.

Chapter 1

My Predictions

Best Animated Feature

The Croods
Despicable Me 2
Ernest & Celestine
The Wind Rises

~My Prediction
I am almost willing to bet money that Frozen will take this Oscar very easily. Although Despicable Me 2 had an amazing storyline and The Croods had some lovely animation, I think that Frozen will be an overall favorite of The Academy. With beautiful animation, catchy music, and a "perfect" storyline, Frozen has become a favorite in America, easily making it the choice to win Best Animated Feature.

Best Original Song
Happy (Despicable Me 2)
Let It Go (Frozen)
The Moon Song (Her)
Ordinary Love (Mandela: Walk to Freedom)

~My Prediction
This is a very difficult choice. This category really depends on what traits The Academy is looking for in music. The Moon Song and Ordinary Love would definitely win if The Academy is looking for talent in instrumentals, for these songs are beautiful in their simplicity. However, if The Academy is looking for catchy lyrics, Happy or Let it Go is sure to take the award. I was actually quite surprised when I saw that Happy had made the nomination. Although Happy is considered to be "my jam," it's not usually what we see as a nomination. It's catchy and an awesome song, but I doubt it will win the Oscar. I can't honestly make a strong prediction on which song will win, even though I really hope Let it Go wins. It will all come down to whether or not the Academy is looking for instrumentals or vocals.

Best Visual Effects
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Iron Man 3
The Lone Ranger
Star Trek: Into Darkness

~My Prediction
Ooh! This is tough... All of these movies had absolutely amazing visual effects. But I believe that The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug will win this Oscar. Everything in that movie looked super realistic. I remember watching the movie and forgetting that orcs, elves, and dragons don't exist. They made this mythical world and these mythical creatures come to life and seem to be a reality. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug will definitely be tough competition to beat in this category.

Best Animated Short Film
Get a Horse!
Mr. Hublot
Room on the Broom

~My Prediction
All of these animations have something that makes them different. Of course, all of the animation is beautiful and entertaining, but I think "Get a Horse!" will win this Oscar. Not only did it have a funny storyline, but it portrayed the classic Disney in a modern way. The animators used classic techniques to make the film appear to be in 3D. (whether or not you saw Frozen in 3D) I loved how they made it appear that the characters transferred from the classic Disney world to our world with a simple breaking through the movie screen. If The Academy is looking for entertainment and best animation, I think "Get a Horse!" will win this Oscar.


So what do you guys think? Am I wrong? Who do you think will take these Oscars?


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