My Blind Razzie Award Predictions

Here are my predictions for the Razzie Awards. I have not seen most of these movies, so many of my predictions will be based on what I've heard about them.

Chapter 1

And the prediction is....

Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel
Grown Ups 2
Hangover 3
The Lone Ranger
Scary Movie 5
Smurfs 2

My prediction:
I predict the winner will be Scary Movie 5. Parody films have really been going downhill recently, and Scary Movie 5 was commercially and critically the worst film in the Scary Movie series. I haven't seen Scary Movie 5, but the trailer looks terrible. And the fact that Ashley Tisdale and Charlie Sheen are the main characters doesn't help any. But I feel that all of these movies could win (although I'm pretty sure Smurfs 2 won't win it, because voters might forgive it because it's a kid's film).

Worst Picture
After Earth
Grown-Ups 2
The Lone Ranger
A Madea Christmas
Movie 43

My prediction:
It's a tough one, but I feel that After Earth is going to win. It's a pretty popular movie that people REALLY like to hate on. I've seen snippets of it and Jaden Smith's acting looks atrocious. But, like with the last category, I feel that all the films have a good chance of winning it (excluding A Madea Christmas, because a lot of people I know like the Madea series)

Worst Actor
Johnny Depp from The Lone Ranger
Ashton Kutcher from Jobs
Adam Sandler from Grown-Ups 2
Jaden Smith from After Earth
Sylvester Stallone from Bullet To The Head, Escape Plan, and Grudge Match

My prediction:
It's a tough choice, but I would have to go with Adam Sandler. I, like many other people, feel that Adam Sandler movies have SERIOUSLY gone downhill. His humor is more immature and dumb than funny. But I do feel that Jaden Smith and Sylvester Stallone have a good chance of winning it too (mainly Stallone for having THREE bad films to his name)

Worst Actress:
Halle Berry from The Call and Movie 43
Selena Gomez from Getaway
Lindsay Lohan from The Canyons
Tyler Perry from A Madea Christmas
Naomi Watts from Diana and Movie 43

My prediction:
This is a tough one for me because I haven't seen any of these films, albeit The Call, which I felt Halle Berry was good in. I would predict Selena Gomez would win the award because Getaway is supposed to be an action film. But since Selena Gomez hadn't acted in anything other than Disney or children's shows and movies at the time, she wouldn't have the acting abilities to handle an action movie.

So those are my predictions for the Razzie Awards. Be sure to tune in and see who wins for being the worst!


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