You Guys Need To Read This (I'm Serious This Is Important)

Chapter 1


by: NyghtDawn
Okay. I have had...... Things..... Happen outside of Quibblo..... That have really.... Really...... REALLY freaked me out!!!! I actually think it might have to do with Quibblo.... Or some internet thing....... It's made me realize that I have been giving out WAY too much of my information.

So! Sorry about this but I will no longer talk (private message) with anyone I don't know in real life. Sorry but with what has been happening..... I need to do this. O-O

I will still reply to comments but I won't be as..... Friendly.

So....... Yeeeeaaaaaah....... Who knows. Eventually I might change my mind. But for now, this is how it's gonna be. :P Just until I feel..... Safe...... I'm really sorry to some people I have been messaging for a while. But I WILL NOT MESSAGE YOU ANYMORE!!!! Doesn't matter who you are or how nice you are. I ONLY TALK WITH PEOPLE I KNOW IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!! Sorry. :(



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