Second All-Stars Look Out!

Please? :)

Chapter 1

Welcome one and all to the Quibblo's Second All-Star Look-Out! We are looking for some wonderful people (yes, you're included) who are willing to write stories/poems/short stories and/or make quizzes/surveys/etc.! There are just a few requirements!

1) You must have a partner! This is something new, as the first All-Stars didn't have teams of two, but this one does!

2) When you write your entry, it has to be at least two chapters! (One by you and one by your partner)

To sign up, go here: (click on these orange words!)

This will be a lot of fun and you'll have chances to make friends, be competitive, and make creations that might even inspire others! If you want to know what it's like to be in it, you could even ask previous participants for their personal experiences, but remember that this game won't be the exact same. There are going to be done changes, some good, some that you might not necessarily like, but overall, I'm sure it'll be a great experience!

Also, friend request the genius who created it: (Cameron)

And, the official account for the contest: (All-Stars)

And please repost so that people can get a chance to do something fun and so you can find a brilliant author like you! :D

~ Lexi :)


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