The 5 best friends I never had

Chapter 1

chapter 1

by: Jay_1
I pulled my coat up, looking out of the airplane's window. Taking the last few sights of California. Born and raised there, 17 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and I'm 5 feet tall. Who'll will ever fall in love with me? Ha! I cant even imagine someone having a crush on me. Or I can't sleep because their thinking of me. I smirk.

"Excuse me young lady, your ticket?" A male flight attendant said extending his arm towards me.
"Oh!" I shoved my hand into my pocket and my ticket is not there so I check my other pocket and there it is "Almost had a little heart attack there, I thought that I lost it!" He laughed a bit, examined the ticket. And gave it back.

"Have a nice day, Jay!" He says going to check the rest of the tickets. Then a voice on the speaker said,

"May everyone have a seat and put on their seat belt." I had already put mine on. "Thank you for choosing American Express. Sit tight and enjoy the ride to Tokyo, Japan." This was my first time flying to a different country. I have always traveled within the U.S. But this time I'm flying to Japan. Why? One, I'm pretty sure my parents are tired of my crap and problems at home and school. Although they didn't seem really sad about my decision to move to another country.Alone.

Two, school was such a bad thing over the years of high school. I have gotten expelled from my other school. And the school I was currently in, most of the teachers and students has a problem with me. I didn't do many bad things in that school, because I realized it would obviously ruin my chances to getting into a nice college or university. I have probably already F!!!ed up chances. A school in Tokyo is actually willing to accept me into the school. One con about moving to a whole different place alone, having to make new friends. But I did have a few friends back in California, I guess some of them were the "wrong" kind. But I have never had a lot of super close friends, I only had one and his name is Brandon. He is really cool and he will help me with anything I need help with. But the best thing about him is he doesn't judge people.

I had packed all my things is was all mainly clothes, pictures, electronics, etc. Not any small furniture obviously. My parents will send me money, but once I get a job and start earning my own money they'll stop sending money. I was actually expecting to stay in Tokyo. But my parents found a little house for me to rent. I don't know how it looks like or how many rooms it has. But I do know where it is and my parents told me it was already, well mostly furnished.

I looked in my bag, took out my headphones, plug it into my phone and played country music. I glanced to my left, the old lady that sat by me had fallen asleep.'she's not dead Jay.' I kept repeating in my head, watching her breath. I look out the airplane's window. Pulling my bag towards my chest.

I close my eyes, letting the voice of Jason Aldean send chills down my spine. I slowly drifted to sleep.


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