Dreams To Dream Foundation (Important, Updated)

Dreams To Dream Foundation (Important, Updated)

Please take the time to listen to the song Dreams To Dream before reading this post, it is important to this post. YouTube video added, please take a look at the video and show your support.


Chapter 1

Be a part of the circle for a better tomorrow.

I've been keeping this a secret for quite some ti e now but I've been working on starting a charity called Dreams To Dream Foundation. The song that you heard is the key element, the anthem to my charity. I've had many children talk with me and from there I learned from them. Kids are big dreamers, and when I learned that I knew we need these dreams to build a better tomorrow. We need to encourage children to keep their dreams. Parents and children needs to help with this movement and make our world better. Once that's done we all can help provide making this charity work. They way this charity works is that families who are struggling with money income who can't pay for their kids to go to college will help provide their kids with their tuition and scholarships so they can go to college and fulfill their dreams. If you are interested for a better tomorrow leave in the comments what you would like to be when you go to college. Then take what I have posted tell it to your parents or your school's guidance counselors about this idea.

Tanya- Hey, Tanya Mousekewitz here. We now have a Google+ account that you guys can follow if you want to support the Dreams To Dream Foundation. Just follow Acme Studio Fan Page and Leo's private account as well to show your support. Please spread the word to everyone as well, we need your support if we want to make this happen. Thank you very much.

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