C.H.A.N.G.E. ~The Academy of the Future

C.H.A.N.G.E. ~The Academy of the Future

C.H.A.N.G.E literally means *Children of High Abilities for a New Generation that Evolved.

Characters and Writers: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/jibgBvy/Original-Group-Story-Sign-Ups-Characters-Chosen?story_chapter=2

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Chapter 3

Jason Monic

Communities Rising, some dreaded it while others were overjoyed at the day. Remotely every thought or mindset was towards this one single day.The morning rose upon us, every boy and girl was to be separated into different communities based on their future self, the very thought dawned in all our minds.

Well, most of our minds anyway.

" Hey Jason... Wakie Wakie.... " Brenn Dean, the boy in the bed next to mine, called into my ear. His hand rested on my bare shoulder as he shook me gently to signal it was time to prepare. He, himself, was already dressed and ready. His brown bowtie perfectly set in place no matter how much he shook with the excitement. as well as boring brown pants and a buttoned shirt to match. What a boring color, I couldn't wait to finally wear something other than ugly brown .

I groaned and focused on centering my gaze, only to find Brenn's face as my wake-up call. Greenish brown eye's seemed out of place against his facial features, but overall they were bright and shining with everlasting happiness. I would be extremely surprised if he didn't get put in Cosmisdem, the community for the kind and friendly.

I honestly didn't know what to expect for me, but I wasn't worried. I was one of the few that weren't really that scared, excited, or nervous about getting a new community, a new home, a new reside. On the other hand, what I was excited for? We finally got to meet the girls officially! I mean, we did have some contact with the girls before today, but now we could have a conversation for more than five minutes.

A sudden memory ran into my mind, a huge spider on the floor of a darkened room. The tiny hairs stood on end as it crawled around at my feet, letting out a strangled hiss every now and then, Its 8 eyes buried into my own 2 grey ones. A figure, looking much like a man, stood in the corner. A clipboard in one hand and a steam-punk looking pen in the other.

" I want you to burn it, roast it, acidize it however you would like. Lay a hand on it, don't be shy... " His voice echoed slightly across the room. Though I shook horribly, I did what I was told, my small hand reached down for the spider who attempted to scurry away from my clutch but was too late. My hand wrapped around its legs, holding it fast, a greenish substance ran through my arm enveloping its squirming body. Steam rose from the coated body, the flesh in my grip ran away till only its skeleton was left.

The green substance ran down my arm onto the ground, I watching in amazement and wonder. That's when it hit, when I was most vulnerable, pain radiated from my entire left arm, as if it was being enveloped as the spider did. A horrible burning rose from my body, the man in the corner watching intently clicking his pen. The pain, it was almost unbearable, but yet I somehow, in my little child mind, managed to conquer the bodily anger into a smile. And a big smile it was, I moved into a brighter light to that the smile was illuminated as well as my gleaming eyes.

The man smiled to himself, checking off something on his clipboard and walking over towards where I stood, he clasped me on the back " Well done. " He had said, moving out of a door that I had not known of. He didn't talk to me the rest of the day, nor I had tried to talk to him. A sudden break in the back flash sent me flying back into the present, reality.

Brenn had backed away to go wake up some other poor soul, meanwhile I began the paced progress of getting ready. I slipped my feet out from under the thin sheets, touching base on the freezing floor. Quickly, I made a run for the bathroom and the common coolness of the tiles and the air hit me like a wrecking ball.

In less than 10 minutes I was out, half-dressed, and once again at my bed, busy putting on the common brownified shirt. The brown almost blended in with my beach-like tan, tragic. Brenn came over just as I had finished the top button and reached for my tie, bringing a friend along with him. Jack Temple was his name, and talking your ear off, was his game.

" So you ready for Communities Rising? " He immediately asked, just as he had walked over.

" Yea, I'm not nervous at all. " I replied, focusing more on the tie than the conversation.

" Same here, I'm rather happy for it in fact, I can't wait for the change from this place. Luckily its our temporary home, I wonder where we're gunna be staying once we're in our new communities " Jack stated, wondering out loud before turning back to Brenn and talking vigorously.

Just as I had finished the tie, I straightened myself and turned to one of the guys just walking by. " Now, this may seem like an awkward question, but how do I look? " The boy's eye's were sullen and darkened against the paleness of his face. He gave a shrug before turning away and heading off out into the halls.

" Ok then Mr. Bright-happy-sunshine... " I muttered to myself, snatching a glance off my reflection again a nearby mirroring pole. Subconsciously I walked over towards the edge of my bed, sifting around in a make-shift sack from a left over bed sheet, I located my every day gel and slicked up my black , crimson/blonde hair to the left. I don't know where I had learned why I did it everyday, it was almost like working as a robot, something you had to do to function.

Jack looked over to me just as I was finished, " Hey, we should get going, the ceremonies supposed to start pretty soon " I gazed around at the other boys, who had begun making their way out into the hallway. Moving with the crowd, Brenn, Jack, a few other boys, and I stayed close together. I no time we were being ushered into a ginormous stadium-like building. 6 huge colorful banners hung against the gray walls, bursting with unnatural color, already the girls sat in one side of the room. While the boys made their way to the other.

I gazed into the line of girls that was just coming in through another set of doors, a certain chick caught my eye. Long curly brown hair, short yet the perfect height and pale, making green eyes shine like emeralds in the sun. Soon she caught my eye and I gave a wink before sitting down between Brenn and Jack.

The lights dimmed overhead, a shadow covered us all. A voice, almost electronic, bellowed from somewhere above us.

" Welcome everyone! To Communities Rising... "

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