C.H.A.N.G.E. ~The Academy of the Future

C.H.A.N.G.E. ~The Academy of the Future

C.H.A.N.G.E literally means *Children of High Abilities for a New Generation that Evolved.

Characters and Writers: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/jibgBvy/Original-Group-Story-Sign-Ups-Characters-Chosen?story_chapter=2

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Chapter 10

Ophelia Mae Scotts

The ceremony finished completely and all that was left before seeing where we would be sleeping was the feast, the grand old feast. When I got there, I sat down next to another girl who had gotten into Comisdem today. I smiled at her kindly before speaking as people started to bring the food out, "You're Sparrow right?"

The girl looked up at me and beamed, "That's right! and You're Ophelia?"

I smiled and held out my hand, "Please call me Lia."

She grinned and was about to shake my hand before she playfully hit my shoulder, "Look at who is staring at us diagonally!"

I glanced and saw a guy who was now also in our Community. She giggled and looked at him, "Brenn right?"

He smiled and nodded. I hummed and looked over at Animosusdem's table and noticed Indigo laughing, only to look over at me and give me a half smile. I smiled back lightly and sighed, so it was true. We were now split up. Snapping out of those thoughts, I let my mind drag to the next thing which happened to be when my eyes landed on him, the boy with the wild hair and dark green eyes. Jack was it? There was something about him. Sparrow nudged my shoulder and whispered, "He's staring back at you."

I blinked and blushed before turning to my empty plate. For the feast, I basically just picked through my food. Why? For many reasons, I was nervous, deep in thought, maybe a bit scared, and there was so much more running through my head. However, after the feast it was then we were brought to our dorms. The dorms that I (and others in our community) were now staying in where near the gardens, where the sun can shine through the windows for the best possibility to natural lighting. When we emerged through our door that opened after the secret passcode was accepted, my first thought was right. Natural lighting did welcome this room. However there was more to it.

The walls were dark grey while the couch matched the walls, but yellow popped up with the zig zag patterned pillows and artwork that hung around the room, especially near the stucco fireplace that matched the color of the walls. The floor was a nice light oak and everything about our common area screamed sunshine in a welcoming way. It was nice and I already felt more at ease.

A boy, who was clearly older than the rest of us and more than likely the head of Comisdem cleared his throat while his blue eyes perked up, "Girls are down the stairs, boys are up the stairs, your name is on your door along with who you are rooming with. Rooms will range from 2 to 4 people depending on our numbers and every two rooms will share one bathroom. Any questions?"

We all looked around, but no one said a thing. Instead everyone started rushing either up or down the stairs, depending on where the head said where our dorms would be. I quickly found my dorm as the first door on the right after I stepped off the staircase. My name was neatly etched in the door, along with Sparrow's while yellow swirls danced around our names. Curious and excited, I opened the door and smiled in awe as I froze when I saw the sight of our room shared room. It was beautiful. It was bright. It was well reflected. The walls were a bright yellow, while dark grey cabinets and closets for storage coverage majority of the space. The two beds rested on dark, monochromatic square patterned bed boxes, while the bed itself was covered with a lighter grey comforter and white sheets. The pillows matched the ones in the common area, yellow and zigzagged, while the middle pillow on each was black. To top off the entire feel of the room was a white desk on each of the right sides of our beds. The carpet was also a dark grey, which just gave more contrast to the yellow walls. Sparrow came up behind me as I examined the room and squealed,

"This is so perfect! Isn't this perfect?"

She giggled and ran to the bed where all her stuff was waiting for her before plopping down sighing happy. I giggled and closed the door behind me, doing the same before looking over to my left to see the door that I assumed led to the bathroom.

This was utterly perfect in every way. I couldn't wait for what tomorrow might bring.

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