Vicissitude (Original Group Story)

Earth was always a place with problems. Wars, disagreements, disease. Earth knew how to deal with these kinds of problems.
But sadly, nothing could prepare them for what would come from Outer Space.
Creatures unlike no other attacked Earth, creatures not many people lived to tell about. They took out a third of the population of Earth, only around 4 billion remaining. A group of people, the government knew they needed a new weapon.
So they began to breed creatures, known as the Vicissitude.

Chapter 1

Marta Cawley - Eggs

I stride swiftly through the white halls of the facility, knowing I have somewhere to be. Well, actually, I just want to escape from a boring lecture I was supposed to be attending about now. I can always escape to one place, though, where I won't get in much trouble. The Incubator.

I enter the room silently, closing the door behind me. You probably think the Incubator is extremely hot and is where eggs are being kept. Well, you're partially correct; Eggs are kept here, but it's incredibly cold in here. This room contains eggs from outside this world, from planets that are mostly freezing.

I walk over to a glass container with a moldy interior, containing the three newest specimens; A small pile of blue-green eggs about the size and shape of tennis balls. I smile.

"They came from a planet off north of Neptune."

I quickly jump up from the glass container and turn around. Professor Molly stands near the doorway, smiling. I sigh in relief. Molly is the only person who can truly tolerate me here, probably since she's extremely more mature then me, since she's turning 20 soon. "Are they Gina's?" I ask her.

Molly nods, walking over to me. "Yes, she's been studying them for a little over a week now." She presses her palm to the glass wall of the box. "Aren't they lovely?'

I laugh. "I guess so. The mold is a little off-putting." Molly loves dealing with the babies or the eggs. It's what got her a job here, here being the Government Alien Mutation-Research Center, or the AMRC. "So, how is you and Steven's nest holding up?"

"A lot better than I expected, actually." She laughs. We move over to a glass box with a red, sandy interior containing a large red and orange egg. "Straight from Mars... We expect this beauty will hatch soon." She beams, and turns to me. "Shouldn't you be at the meeting right now?"

I shrug. "I guess, but it's not like it would be very useful... Like they'd let me near any baby aliens."

She smiles. "It's not your specialty, no." She glances at the revolver strapped to my thigh. "You're here because of your specialty with weapons. If we needed to, we could gun down these things. You know of what happened before you got here."

She's right. Before they hired me one of them grew up too fast and devoured 8 of the professors. I'm much too young for this, 16, but they hired me for my skill with weapons and taming and sedating the aliens. "I suppose so." I reply airily.

"Miss Cawley, are you in here?" I hear. I turn to the door and so does Molly, to the sound of Professor Orlo's voice.

"Yeah, I am!" I call back, shooting Molly a quick 'bye' and walking into the hallway. "Did you want something?"

"Yes, actually, I would like you to report to the Mutation room immediately. I have a project to show you." He says with a smile. Professor Orlo is around 60 years old, been here as long as anybody can remember. I follow him to the room at the end of the hall, the room nobody has ever been allowed to go in with the exception of special scientists.

"Prepared for this?" He says, hand on the door. I nod.

"I guess I have to be."

The door swings open and I gasp at the in front of me. A tube full of liquid contains the limp body of a woman, fleshy tubes holding her up and connecting her to the glass walls of the tube.

Professor Orlo walks up to the glass tube. "This is the newest weapon of the government, and you are going to teach her how to fight."


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