Survival (Group Story)

Survival (Group Story)

Lucie, Fawn, Ruth, Elliot, Lillie, Jason, Amy and Crimson have found each other in a time of disaster- the world has fallen prey to a disease, turning them virtually into zombies.

Chapter 1

Lucie Gold

I crouched behind a nearby bush to catch my breath. Tears were streaming down my face as I peered through the leaves to watch my neighbors stumble out of our home, their faces smeared with blood.

To my relief, they didn't see me and continued along the road. I rubbed my eyes, trying to erase what I'd seen. I knew it was impossible. I would forever remember the look on my mother's face when our dear friend, disoriented and out of sorts, crushed the life from her in one motion.

He had tossed her aside, her broken neck hanging limply, and proceeded to my father. He'd tried to defend himself, but as much as he threw things at him and tried to reason with him, our neighbor kept coming.

He bit his throat out as I watched from the living room, hiding behind the couch. I'd run, grabbed one of my father's antique swords, and went out the back door, not looking back, but knowing that I'd never forget what had happened- how in those few minutes, those closest to me died.

Creutzfeld Jakob Disease, that's what they said in the news report. They said they had it under control, that all the infected had been quarantined. They lied. The neighborhood was falling apart- people chased after others in the street, fires broke out- it was a real life nightmare.

I crawled through the underbrush deeper into the forest. The trees grew closer and closer together, and gradually, the screams died out. I lay down in the wet moss.

I stared into one of the bushes. I could have sworn something moved... I stood up and cleared aside the leaves. A young red haired girl looked up at me with her big blue eyes. " aren't one of them, are you?" she whispered.

I shook my head. "I got out." I gave a little smile and stuck out my hand. "I'm Lucie." She took it gingerly and got to her feet. "Fawn. My name's Fawn. Lucie? Do you know what's going on? I was at the orphanage and the people all... they all attacked me," Fawn wiped her eyes.

"They said it was some sort of disease...Most of the city's infected. How long have you been out here?" "A couple of days...I'm so hungry," I nodded. "My house is back there- we could try to get some supplies."

I got up and started walking back the way I'd come. I had no desire to see my parents again, but it was our best bet right now. Fawn hesitated for a moment. "Ok," she finally said.

I led Fawn back through the brush, checking occasionally to be sure she was following. We arrived at the edge of the forest, and I gazed across my back lawn, standing eerily quiet.

"Stay here," I told her, and, taking a deep breath, I sprinted across the lawn. It seemed to be miles longer than before, but I couldn't see any... zombies. I slid through our back door, grasping the hilt of the sword tightly. I entered my old home and felt oddly out of place. I realized that where my father had once lay was only a smear of blood.

I grabbed a couple of bags and began filling them with whatever they could fit. Bread, cheese, bottled water and snacks were tossed haphazardly into the bags, and, within minutes, I had finished.

It had gone so smoothly- without a hitch- I should have known something would go wrong. It wasn't until I was partway across the yard that I felt something touch my arm. I whipped around to see one of them holding to me.

It's hand was cold and clammy, it's open wound still oozing, it's eyes white and dead- it was my dad. His nails pressed into my skin, and I screamed in pain, opening my hand for just a brief moment- allowing my only weapon to fall out of reach.

My dad- no I told myself. Not my dad- the thing settled it's hands around my neck, and all at once I couldn't breathe. I clawed at it, but it's grip didn't relent. The air was growing fuzzy.

All at once, it's grip loosened, and I sucked in the air I'd been denied of. My vision grew normal once again, and I could see Fawn, pulling a small knife from my father's head. I gasped, slowly regaining my breath. "Thanks."

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