New Feature! Hide Items in Your "Recently Taken" List

This enhancement has been requested by many members and is now a reality!

Chapter 1

Edit Your "Recently Taken" List

by: Quibblo
Finally! A way to conceal items in your "Recently Taken" list.

We've all been there. We've clicked on a spam post or an embarrassing quiz and we don't want the whole world knowing what post we've read or which quiz we've taken. Now you can remove those pesky items from your quiz history.

Just click on the "____ Taken" link next to "Quiz Activity" at the top of your profile page, or go to http://[username]/taken. You'll then see a "Hide" link to the right of every item listed. Click once to hide it from others. Click that link again to make it public.

Now, there's no reason to worry about your quiz history being available for the whole world to see.

Let me know if you have any questions about this enhancement. And please keep requesting other features. We're always working to keep Quibblo one of the best quiz and story sites on the web!


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