i hate all children under the age of 13

shut up

Chapter 1

i really hate everyone

by: 68687
there is a frikken horrible story to this:

today was olympic day and me being a 'big kid' got to lead a bunch of grade 2-6ers around their schoolyard as team germany

i had a mostly good group

but i swear to jesus frikken christ

i am NEVER having children


not gonna happen

birth control and condoms pour moi

this one kid, i told him to hold the germany flag and he was like:

"no! there are child labour laws in canada!"

i told him to shut up and take the flag and he was like for ten mintues going 'CH ILD LABOUR CHILD LABOUr"

i told him to shut the frick up or i will cut him

it was -18 today not too bad but i made the mistake of not wearing snow pants or gloves and i froze to death

and our team cheer sucked so bad we came in last for the cheers

but we beat everyone we came across in the games so that wasnt bad

but i hate kids so much now i swear to god


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