Your Eyes

For Quibblo's pansy love poems I'm bored do not judge me you pansies.

Chapter 1

Your Eyes

by: 68687
You eyes, supposedly the gateway to your soul

But to me, they are much more than that.

When I see your eyes, gleaming in the light,

I not only see the gateway to your soul, but something else that traps me within those bright orbs of yours,

I see happiness, love, pure raw emotion,

Even if your face is as stoic as a pre-made mask.

Others might call you scary, intimidating, odd,

But I call you in my mind, for I am far too shy to say these things aloud,

Beautiful, gentle, caring, kind, compassionate.

Others don't see it, but to me, you're perfect.

Your eyes captivate me, in ways that I don't even understand.

How do you get such wonderful eyes, eyes that show worlds beyond our own?

Bright, gleaming galaxy eyes, that have such a vibrant passion to them, to me, it seems nearly impossible.

Yet there you are, with your eyes.

Your eyeballs, those round squishy things in your skull that made me fall in love with you.

Could I merely say I fell in love with your eyes?

No, I think not.

Your eyes were what made me first notice you, but every little thing about you made me fall madly in love with you.

The way you smile and your entire face lights up,

When you laugh, it may sound... weird to others, but to me, I find it the cutest thing.

Or what about just the raw, undying passion for everything that you do?

I'm jealous, really.

How is it that you can be so undoubtedly perfect?

It's not possible. I sometimes question the sheer perfection that you radiate.

All of these qualities, everything about you, darling, is what made me love you so.

But first, it started with your eyes.

I got the idea to write this poem when I was uh- looking at my crush of sorts. He has quite a vibrant set of eyes, he doesn't like them much I don't think, but they are absolutely perfect. He is a big inspiration for lots of my more... amorous works that I hardly think I could post on here. I hoped you liked it.

I really don't know many poets, besides Robert Burns. I like Jim Morrison, while he was the vocals and main song writer of the amazing band, The Doors, my father is always ranting about how he was a poet. A brilliant one at that. Therefore, I don't think I am able to place links, I don't read much poetry.


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