Original Group Story Sign Ups!!! (CLOSED, AUTHORS CHOSEN, MORE INFO!!!)

Chapter 1


by: Grunge
This group story will be based around medieval time in a land called Aris. The Kingdom of Aris is where the Queen, King, Prince, and Princess stay along with their greater warriors, maids/cooks, mages, and such. Your character will be training to be one of these options:

-a warrior
-a mage
-a hunter
-a maid/cook

Your character will have to be of the human race.

The main plot of this story is that the land of Aris has been sort of “infected” with a new species called elves. The eves aren’t bad, but the humans assume they are. Over a hundred or so years ago the humans stroked war against the elven race not knowing that they were actually pure hearted beings. The two races are currently taking part in some sort of vendetta against each other now, and the children in training (your characters) are being trained to mostly exterminate the elves or serve their land in a different way like hunting. Each child when being trained is called a Child of Aris and they are being trained by their mentors, one mentor per child. Our characters will form a rebellious group who are against the belief that the elves are evil beings. They will escape the Kingdom together to find the elves and attempt to make peace… if the elves don’t kill the before hand on their way there. The template will be below…

PS: we need at least two boys. Also your characters have to be different from each other, you’ll have a better chance of becoming an author for the story if you do that. Be super descriptive, make your character interest me, and remember we need variety… we can’t have all mages and warriors or hunter and mages or etc!!!

The Template:

Appearance(be very descriptive, preferably no links):
Personality(interest me!):
Training to be(warrior/mage/hunter/or maid/cook):

My Character:

Name: Ashen Willow
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: on the tall side, but not too tall, about 5’7”. She is very willowy; skinny, a bit bony and gaunt looking but slightly built. She doesn’t have a very big bust, but has a very small waist and rather big hips. Her skin is deathly pale, people often ask if she’s alright, but it has few flaws. She has high cheekbones and long, very dark ash gray hair, almost black, that reaches her belly button. It’s pin straight and very shiny, she pulls the top half back and clasps it with a silver plaited hair piece so her forehead is exposed. Her eyes are a very light silver and her eyelashes are long and dark, creating a pleasing outline for the silver iris. She is overall a very pretty girl.
Clothing: wears a loose fitting black robe that reaches her knees with a braided silver belt tight on her waist. The arms of the robe are billowing but only reach her upper elbow area. The rest of her arm is wrapped in a neutral colored silk, the silk encloses her fingers like gloves and is embroidered in dark gray. Her feet are glad in black leather riding boots.
Weapons: carries around duel silver daggers, but she uses her magic most of the time.
Personality: quiet, cold, reserved, and intimidating when she’s first met. She will eventually open up though. Her true personality is sort of strict and mother like, kind of protective, very brave and stoic, loyal, fierce, brutal, and stubborn. She is rarely laid back and is always on the point about things. At certain times she may ease away and enjoy things. When she is angry she hold grudges and becomes silent or explodes in a mess of power and rage. She doesn’t mind blood and is a tad sadistic.
Training to be: a Mage, though her father is also training her to be the Kingdom’s next Torturer
Family: she is the only child of a father
Pet: none
Background: she’s the child of the Kingdom’s Torturer. When the Warriors or Hunters bring in Elves or criminals she and her father will torture them in the Kingdoms cellar. She firmly believes that the Elves are evil people because they killed her mother.
Other: she wears a pink sapphire pendant she got from her mother before she dies, it’s her most prized possession. She usually is found either in the cellar of the Kingdom, hanging around the Kingdom gardens, or at the library studying about legendary mages.

Alright, now give me your best shot!

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