A simple poem about solitude. It would really mean a lot to me if you read it and commented. Please comment and rate.

~ Birdie

Chapter 1


by: _goodbye
Solitude is her name
She follows me everyday
Through the halls of school
And through the halls of my home
She reminds me of every "friend" I have
I can't get rid of her
I wish I could
Even if i'm in a room with one million people in it
She never separates from me
Solitude is funny
Even if i'm in a room filled with people who love me
She's always there to tell me that they don't need me
Solitude has her ways
She makes me feel like i'm a simple red rose
In a setting with buildings, factories, dirt, no grass, and smoke
Solitude has her ways
Of telling me what I see when I look in the mirror should shatter with it
As it breaks into pieces
Because no one would care
About a face that they try to believe that isn't there
Solitude has her ways
Of making my self-esteem lower than my weight
Which is decreasing
Solitude has her ways
Of letting me know that only I can comfort myself
As she tells me:
You are in this alone
Only you can fix your own problems
You're wasting person's precious time by having them look at you
You know the world wouldn't care
If you were gone
You are alone
You will remain alone
And it's true
Even in death
I will still be in the state of
Six feet under the ground
Not another dead body
Making a sound
If there is a heaven
And if there is a hell
Solitude will come with me in either of them
As well
I think about it most of the time
Six feet under ground
Having the living walk all over you
And not remember the person you once were
It would be as if I was never alive
There would be no evidence of me left behind
No notes
No diaries
I wish I would have known
That even in death
I will forever remain in the state of


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