WTF is people's problems with Gay Marriage?! I just read something that really pissed me off and people always use Religion as an excuse! (Updated! I had to get it out and i gotta say i feel better)

Chapter 1

Im pissed now!

by: Turnader
Fack religion! I dont fuking care about religion one bit! you can believe whatever the hell you want but that does not give you the right to push it on everybody else! And gay marriage. WTF is wrong with it?! I will NEVER be able to understand people's problems with it. EVER and im not even gonna try. But keep fuking religion out of the government. Making anti gay marriage and anti abortion LAWS is religion in the government people! There is no valid argument as to why those things should be banned other than religion! Stay out of other people's business. It has nothing to do with u! Oh what it's against my religion! Fack that not everybody has the same religion as u. not everybody believes the same thing as u and u do not have the right to take away the freedom of what that person believes in just because they may not agree with u. Thats exactly what you are doing by banning gay marriage or segregating them which is fuking illegal! come on people! Are we still so ignorant that we are still living 70 years ago? Segregation? Come on! Just stay out of other peoples lives. Worry about your own!

I am sorry if i offended anybody but this really pisses me off and its even more frustrating because i DONT FUKING UNDERSTAND IT!

This rant was inspired by:

If you agree then good for u. I am so sick of people going on about gays and abortion and using the bible as an excuse. The only reason why they use the bible as an excuse is because they have no argument otherwise. But that excuse is not getting past me!

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