Chapter 1


i get the feeling that you knew it was coming long before i did.
every night, you morphed into a snake
and wrapped your body around mine as i slept,
like you were trying to stop me from getting up and walking away.
and when that didn't work,
you threw grenades,
exploding torrents of angry words,
and your army was so weak i wept for pity of it.
as time went on you held on to me tighter than ever,
and i woke up in the morning with poppy bruises down my spine
and a beautiful black bloom on my eye.
darling, they were the most beautiful flowers that i have ever seen.

it was so sudden;
a complete 180 spin from infatuation to indifference.
you kissed me until i couldn't breathe, then slammed the door in my face,
pushed me out of the car,
shut the blinds.
you planted roses in my ribcage,
and your armies stomped them out;
one last fading light drowned in the absence of soldiers.
you knew it was coming;
but you couldn't make me stay.

lovely, you were abysmal at best.
you were completely wicked and deceitful,
and you paid more attention to your sister than you did to me
(never mind the fact that you didn't have a sister);
you used to come out with things like
i don't need you anymore
just f♥cking end it already.
it was a long fight, lovely. far too long. and i am so very tired.
by the time it had ended,
i couldn't tell who'd won.

by the time we were over,
i wasn't sure if i'd left you,
or if you had left me.


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