Innocent and Broken

a story about two young lovers and a fateful night. Please comment with your thoughts.

Chapter 1

Finally Found

Mackenzy Abshire, 17, and Bentley Royce, 17, were found last night in an abandoned house just outside of Lexington, Kentucky. The police had gotten a call from an anonymous person about hearing screams coming from the house and went to investigate the claims. When the police arrived they found Richard Redford, 43, in the act of cutting Royce with a knife while he made Abshire watch. Police quickly apprehended Redford and had paramedics quickly rushed the two to the hospital. Abshire was free of any major wounds while Royce suffered from deep lacerations to the chest and back. The teens were reunited with their parents shortly after they were found. Mackenzy Abshire commented while waiting for news of Bentley Royce’s recovery, “Who would have guessed that my life would take me on a wild chase across the country with my best friend? Well that’s exactly what has happened. I am alive because of Bentley, and for that I am going to always be grateful. He even made sure I was helped first when the police arrived.” Her father, Governor Abshire, added, “We are just so glad to have Kenzy and Bentley back and relatively unharmed. I know I speak for both families when I say that we couldn’t be happier that they caught the man that held my baby girl and Bentley for all that time.” The Royce Family could not be reached for comment at this time. Bentley is expected to make a full recovery and both teens are to head back to Texas in the coming days. Redford is to be tried on two counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Continued on page 4A.
As I reread the beginning of the article I had nearly memorized my eyes began to fill with tears. She used my full name just like she always did. It was a fun run while it lasted. Now she was with her parents on lock down in the governor’s mansion while I was on lock down in the Royce mansion on Sixth Street, only two blocks from her. I longed to be with her again. I longed to lie in the same bed again. I longed to tell her how I really felt about her. I longed to be her only one. I wanted Mackenzy Monroe Abshire to be mine. I wanted to have some sort of claim that would validate everything that happened between us. Now all I can do is sit and wait for the threat to be taken care of before I can tell Mackenzy how I feel.

“Bentley, can I come in?” It was a voice I didn’t recognize and I figured it was just another reporter asking for my side of the story.
“No,” I called back not wanting to talk to anyone but Mackenzy.
“Bentley, please, let us in,” It was my mother’s voice now. I sighed and let the paper drop to the floor where it created tiny tents. I crossed my messy room and unlocked the door not bothering to open it. I went back to my bed as my mom opened the door and walked in clearing a path for her and the strange woman.
“Bentley Alexander, this room is atrocious. I know you’ve been through a lot but this is unnecessary,” my mom chided as I rolled over onto my stomach away from her and the still unknown woman.
I heard my mother sigh and I felt her hand run across my shoulders. I was upsetting her by withdrawing even further into my personal hell. She continued to rub my shoulders for a while before she spoke again.
“Bentley, I know you are really upset and I know you don’t want to talk to us. I want you to meet Dr. Addison Hathaway. Come on roll over and say hello,” she said gently pushing my side to get me to roll over and look at the woman whose face I had already memorized.
I rolled over and sat up on my elbow extending my other hand towards Dr. Addison Hathaway. She shook my hand with a sly confidence and a timid smile.
“Hello, Bentley,” she said in a sing song voice, “I want to help you feel better about what happened.” Her blue eyes flickered over the jagged scar on my chest and her smile faltered. See, I didn’t have to tell her what happened to my chest everyone in the country knew what had happened. Everyone knew that Richard Radford had eventually caught Mackenzy and I. He held us captive for a while and on that last day he made Mackenzy watch as he drew the knife across my chest and back. I knew he planned on doing more but the police finally found us and saved my life and saved Kenzy from watching me slowly bleed to death. It has been over two months now and all that’s left of the cut is the jagged red scar that people see.
“I don’t have anything to say,” I said, the acid thick in my voice. My mother sighed and gently pulled her fingers through my tangled bronze hair.
“Please, Bentley, you need to talk to someone. You can’t stay in this mess forever. I understand a lot happened and you are hurting, but please,” she was beginning to cry. The tears spilled over her almond colored eyes. I sat up the rest of the way and hugged her.
“Fine, mom, I’ll talk to Dr. Hathaway,” I said resigning because I knew it was the only way to stop the tears once and for all.
“Oh, Bentley, thank you,” she kissed my forehead and stood up quickly, “I’ll leave you two alone or if you please I can take you to the office its a lot cleaner.”
“No, this is fine Ms. Royce. I want to be where ever Bentley feels most comfortable. It will make things easier on him,” Dr. Hathaway said as my mom looked towards me for an answer. I nodded my head and watched as she disappeared through the door. I laid back down and stared up at the ceiling. I heard Dr. Hathaway pull my desk chair over the wrappers that littered the floor. I waited for her to speak. Silence encompassed the room for what felt like an eternity. I finally looked down and saw where she had moved the chair. She was sitting three feet to my left, a pen in her left hand as a notebook balance precariously on her crossed legs. Her eyes met mine and a reassuring smile spread across lips.
“So, Bentley, how do you feel?” she asked starting with the most obvious question.
“ I’m absolutely amazing,” I replied sarcastically.
She smiled again this time letting a small chuckle escape her calm façade, “I see this is going to be difficult but that’s fine we have all the time in the world. So lets try again, how do you feel?”
“I feel angry, scared, hurt, worried,” I spit the words out as fast as I could as I turned back to face the ceiling.
“Okay, can you tell me what you are angry about?” She asked as she wrote something down in her notebook.
I listened as the pen scratched against the paper. It was an annoying sound, but it reminded me of who she was and what she was here to do. I thought about why I was angry.
“I’m angry because I didn’t keep my promise to Kenzy. I led us straight into the trap he set. I put her in danger and I couldn’t protect her from what she saw,” I finally said tracing the jagged scar across my chest.
The room was silent except for the sound the pen made as it wrote what it was told. Dr. Hathaway finally spoke her eyes following my finger as it copied the motion of the knife. “Are you angry with your self or are you angry at Mr. Radford for tricking you?”
“I guess I’m mad at myself for letting us get caught. I saw the signs of the trap but I refused to believe them. Do you have any idea how terrified we were when we walked into the hotel room and saw him sitting at the desk, knowing it was too late to turn around and run? Do you know what its like to feel something slicing you open while the person you love watches you bleed out? Do you?” I was yelling now as everything I worked so hard on locking away came rushing back. I didn’t realize I was crying until I felt the tears fall on my bare chest.
“It’s okay, let it all out,” she cooed as she wrote furiously in her notebook, “Can you tell me what happened to you after Radford got you or would you rather start at the beginning and tell me about what happened the night you and Miss Abshire ran away?”
“Well, what do you want the beginning or the end first?” I asked sarcastically knowing that I would start from the beginning of our four-month journey to hell.
“Well the beginning is always a great place to start,” she said as she set her pen down on the paper and adjusted her position in the chair. Her eyes stared intently at my face reading anything that dared to show through my blank expression.
I turned my head away from her and closed my eyes. I thought back to the night that forever changed my life.

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