Contradicting Opinions

My humble entry for the Valentine's Day poetry contest: please, rate and comment, for any and all criticism is gratefully and graciously accepted.

Chapter 1

Contradicting Opinions

consume me
assume me
darling, please exhume me
wrap my fingers round your hair
as if I could somehow hold you there
make me
take me
darling, please don't break me
shards of glass all edged in gold
too much for one heart to hold
feel me
steal me
darling, please conceal me
you are life, one brown-eyed stare
I breathe and yet I gasp for air
fill me
will me
darling, please don't spill me
a more pleasant poison I never knew
until, my love, myself met you

This poem, as I have a tendency to do, was written in the perspective of an unknown, unnamed fictional girl. I know nothing about this girl, not her name or who she may be but this is her poem--and I was inspired in part by a couple of things. The first: the word exhume. The traditional definition is to dig up a corpse--and in the context of this poem, I suppose it would suffice. But the second, less common definition is much better and much more thought-provoking: to revive or restore after neglect or a period of forgetting; bring to light. Or so says the dictionary.

And this brings me to my second inspiration: the fact that love is not always what it is made out to be. It can come at you, seemingly one thing, and then unveil itself and become something entirely different. It is, in its essence, a contradiction. It can be pleasure or pain. It can heal or hurt. It can be beautiful or ugly. It can be all of these things at one moment in time or none of these things at all. Yet despite this, we still love. We love because it is human nature to love--or to "self-destruct." Human nature, and thus love, is a game of balance and opposites.

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