Please friend her, it would mean a lot to me ♥

Since you have clicked on this, you're ah-bviously a totally amazing person and I can count on you! So can you please do me a favour? ♥

Chapter 1

Fishies swimming in the sea and blowing bubbles! ^.^ Happiness and butterflies flying in the sky and clouds and bees... and flowers are dancing! Yayyyyyy!

She is a totally amazing and cool person that you can trust anytime and a definite delight to have in the Quibblo community! If you don't friend her then you are definitely missing out! Her name is Jordana, and if you don't friend her, watch out, I'll track you down and drop a nest of tracker jackers on you! :P

You get my point, right? She's totally amazing! And while you're at it, here's a waffle. (>'.' )>#

xxx It means a lot to me!

with l♥ve and hugs, Hayley ^.^


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