Shout - Outs!!!

Shout - Outs!!!

Well, I finally decided to do a shout-out! I will continue to update this in the future as I continue to get to know more and more people. But for now...

Chapter 3

Shout - Outs! #3

So now that Dani is back, she can see her shout-out! She is such a great, kind, lively, beautiful person and although she's only here for the summer, hopefully that'll be enough time before she has to go.

Jaelin is so sweet and though she can seem somewhat shy, once you get to know her she's the most amazing and caring person you can meet!

I never got around to making another shout-out before Maggie deleted, but I still think she deserves one. She is a great, bubbly person who I'm sad had to leave.

There's one more person I want to give a shout-out...YOU! I'm so happy to have each and every one of you as a friend and I hope that I'll be able to keep making new ones here on Quibblo! <3


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