What my name means

Chapter 1

Herp Derp Derp derp

by: NyghtDawn
A= good kisser
B= french kisser
C= will kick your butt
D= has pets
E= crazy as heck
F= loves it hard
G= can kick your butt
H= freaking hot
I= very very easy for people to like
J= hot
K= crazy
L= beautiful eyes
M= very good kisser
N= cool person
O= different
P= the best at all sports
Q= an animal lover
R= beautiful/handsome
S= very hot
T= easy to fall in love with
U= will make you laugh till your sides burst
V= most amazing kisser EVA!
W= makes people laugh
X= never lets people tell you what to do
Y= can be funny and dumb at the same time
Z= loved by everyone

My first and middle name:

K - Crazy
A - Good kisser ;D
E - Crazy as heck ^-^
L - Beautiful eyes
A - Good kisser (ooh! La dee dah! >:))

N - Cool person
I - Very very easy for people to like
C - Will kick your butt >:D
O - Different
L - Beautiful eyes
E - Crazy as heck

My username

N - Cool person
Y - Can be funny and dumb at the same time (yeah yeah yeah, I know!)
G - Can kick your butt
H - Freaking hot (yes. Yes I am)
T - Easy to fall in love with
D - Has pets (who cares?)
A - Good kisser
W - makes people laugh
N - cool person


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