Emily's Rant Book

Chapter 1: Valentine's Day
Chapter 2: Black History Month
Chapter 3: Exercise, Weight, and Society's Perspective on These (And link to another rant)
Chapter 4: Disabilities, Disorders, and Medical Issues
Chapter 5: Military Barbies
Chapter 6: "Math is mental abuse to humans!"
Chapter 7: Feminazis
Chapter 8: Quibblo Rant
Chapter 9: Goals
Chapter 10: Open-mindness
Chapter 11: Greeks vs. Romans
Chapter 12: Music Artists Changing Their Style

Well running out of characters here!

Chapter 1

Valentine's Day

So don't get me wrong, I am not ranting about the holiday. I am ranting about the people. So people will complain that they don't have a valentine on Valentine's Day. Well some people don't have a mother on Mother's Day or a dad on Father's Day, which in my opinion is so much worse.

Valentine's Day is a holiday of love. There are many different kinds of love. There is the parental love. There is the friendship love. There is the love you feel towards your pet. There is sibling love, cousin love, aunt and uncle love, significant other love, attraction love, student-teacher/coach love, point is there is many variations of the emotion love. So what if you don't have a boyfriend? You have other people you care about.

Valentine's Day to me is a holiday where you can show your appreciation and feelings to everybody you care about. It's a time where you are loving. You spread happiness and love around. It should be a time of happiness. A time to spread good will around. Spreading kindness. With this idea of Valentine's Day, it would be one of my favorite holidays.

However it isn't. Like a lot of holidays it has become very egocentric. Now don't get me wrong, I like chocolate as much as the next person but Valentine's should not be all about the PDA, chocolate, flowers, and teddy bears. Valentine's Day now seems to be a competition of who has the "better" boyfriend/girlfriend and whose significant other loves them better- based on the presents. So Boyfriend A got his girlfriend a diamond necklace while Boyfriend B got his girlfriend chocolate and a book. And people will say that Boyfriend A is the "better" boyfriend. Maybe, just maybe Boyfriend B can't afford a diamond necklace and would have loved to give his girlfriend it. Or maybe he knows his girlfriend would get more out of chocolate and a book. I've seen people judge based on net price, and it is always upsetting, I just find it irking all the time.

And we go back to those who complain about not having a valentine on valentine's day. You do not need one! Show other's that you care about them! You need a mother for Mother's Day. Imagine that. And when you are little they make you in school make the presents for your mom. It hurts people to do that when they don't have a mother figure at all. And Father's Day, yeah I never had a father figure. Welcome to the deadbeat dads club. And I didn't even have a grandfather or uncle to give it too because on my dad's side- I saw my grandparents...less than fifteen times, less than ten, not a lot. On my moms side, well they were all in freaking Lithuania, on the other side of the world! And I never met them! When in foster care- I wasn't going to give a Father's Day card to someone I would probably only stay with for a month. And as a kid I was forced to make the Mother and Father's Day stuff in school or daycare.

I've actually heard somebody- yesterday at dance actually- make that comparison. Not having a valentine on Valentine's Day is like not having a mother on Mother's Day.

BÄ«tch please. That's not even close. You don't have a boyfriend now? You can get one. Most people can't get a parent back.

People don't have parents due to a lot of things! And I know a lot of them. They get just as annoyed as I do when people complain about having a valentine. Valentine's Day is a day of love and caring. Spread that around. Give candy and cards to your friends. Give your coach an awkward hug and tell him how much you appreciate him/her (though grudgingly). Be nice to your siblings. Be kind to your parents. You don't need a "valentine" for Valentine's Day. And Valentine's Day isn't a competition about who has the "better" boyfriend or girlfriend.

So yeah, that's my thoughts on the matter. Blame the girl from dance who said that. And I repeat, I would like the holiday if it focused more on the overall concept of love and not what it is now.

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